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Making America Muslim?

(Monday blog)

Apparently I’m a “rancid racist”

Here’s a rather unpleasant email I received at the weekend from

You’re the David Craig who comments on the Times, aren’t you?
What a rancid racist you are and I hope everyone on the Times finds out about you
Perhaps amusingly, Adrian G. Sykes sent this email in response to a blog I wrote “A message from the elites “Russia is our enemy, Islam is our friend” – wondering whether our real enemy was Russia or the religion of peace and happiness. Maybe Mr Adrian G Sykes doesn’t understand that Izlum is a religion and not a race?
Anyway, I hope all those readers who agree with Adrian G Sykes that I’m a “rancid racist” will email him to show their support for him.
Make America Muslim?
For today’s blog I’d like to introduce you to Professor Sharifa Alkhateeb. According to Wikipedia Professor Sharifa Alkhateeb ‘was an American writer, researcher and teacher on cultural communication and community building for Islam and Muslims in the United States’.

Most of last week, the mainstream media still raged against Trump for his supposed racism for daring to criticise the Democrat “Squad” (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley and Ilhan Omar) for their unrelenting vomiting of bile and hatred towards America. And the mainstream media continuously emphasised that the Squad were all “women of colour” in order to smear Trump with being both a racist and a misogynist even though Trump’s criticisms focused purely on the Squad’s apparent loathing of the USA.

The mainstream media, of course, usually omitted to mention that one of the Squad called Trump a “motherfucker”, another accused Trump of running “concentration camps” and all seem to be virulently anti-semitic.

America is a country built on immigration. But Americans expect immigrants to adopt American values and show loyalty to the country – to show some patriotism. So perhaps the short video below will show why some Americans are getting more than fed up with people who come to America and then spend their lives denigrating the country and trying to change it into the countries – often the world’s worst sh*t-holes – either they or their families originally came/escaped from.

In the video Professor Sharifa Alkhateeb explains how she and her co-religionists have a long-term plan to “make America Muslim”. She also boasts of how she has taught her children to only identify with their religion and to never say they are ‘Americans’ – not much loyalty to America there.

I have only watched a couple of minutes of this video. But that was enough to make it clear to me why many Americans may feel that people like Professor Sharifa Alkhateeb and the four (IMHO) America-loathing members of the Squad have no place in their country:

3 comments to Making America Muslim?

  • A Thorpe

    This is an old video with some new bits tagged on the end. She died in 2004. She was born in the USA and her husband was Iraqi. She did obviously say that, but this link gives a different view of her
    What is frightening about this is the belief in a god that does not exist. I can perhaps understand why early humans created this concept to explain what they could not understand but why it still exists is a mystery to me. But now, even worse, we have the religious like belief that we can control the climate, at a time when science says that we cannot. The human race is insane.

  • William Boreham

    America might get away with it, but here in Europe, we will be defeated without the Muslims having to fire a single shot. As Imam Qaradawi, the guru of the Muslim Brotherhood stated: “Islam’s birth-rate is the weapon for the non-violent conquest of Europe.” Here in Britain, or more accurately England, the date democracy will end, is anywhere from 2050-60.

  • A Thorpe

    William – democracy could end in the next few months if we remain in the EU.

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