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Daring to say that which may not be said – still permitted in Australia (just?)

(Wednesday blog)

I’d like to use today’s blog to introduce you to Andrew Bolt (in case you haven’t heard of him).

Andrew Bolt is a commentator on current affairs on Sky News Australia. He’s interesting because he dares say things that would be considered crimes against political correctness in countries like the UK and USA.

In the short video below, Andrew Bolt criticises the Australian national broadcaster, ABC, for its anti-Israel bias. As you’ll see, the ABC loathes Israel just as much as our always biased BBC.

There are just four short comments I’d like to make about this video:

  1. Nobody on any British TV channel or media would dare express the views Andrew Bolt espouses as we’ve been so cowed into abject submission by the howling, Israel-hating, political-correctness, progressive, free-speech-censuring, libtard mob. Anyone in Britain saying what Andrew Bolt says would immediately be branded a racist and Izlumophobe and all sorts of other such garbage and there would be massive pressure to have them fired in order to shut them down and prevent them saying things of which the progressive liberal elites disapprove
  2. All Andrew Bolt’s criticisms of the ABC could equally be applied to our own bloated, parasitic, lefty BBC
  3. Andrew Bolt has had physical threats of violence made against him by Australia’s lefties and they have also pressured advertisers to withdraw advertising from any TV station or newspaper in which Andrew Bolt’s commentaries appear
  4. At two points in the short video below, there are clips of an ABC news presenter questioning an Israeli official. With her snarling, hate-filled, contempt for anything to do with Israel, one could be forgiven for thinking that she might be a twin sister of our C4 News’s Cathy Newman. They seem to me to have similar interviewing styles.

Anyway, here’s Andrew Bolt. Enjoy his free speech while it lasts and before Australia follows Britain down the path of progressive liberal censorship of any views which dare deviate from the officially-approved narrative:

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