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“Today is a really hard time to be a young person” and other PC bollox

(Tuesday blog)

Today is a really hard time to be a young person

Monday evenings are usually my TV-watching evening. There’s C4’s Dispatches at 20.00h and then BBC1’s Panorama at 20.30h. Of course, both programmes are usually total politically-correct bollox usually blaming white colonialism or Brexit or Farage or Trump or suchlike for all the world’s problems.

But yesterday evening, my bollox-meter dial went way off the normal scale while watching C4’s Dispatches. The Dispatches presenter – a woman of colour of course – claimed that “Today is a really hard time to be a young person”; that “68% of young people have had a mental health problem” and that severe underfunding of the NHS meant that these poor young people with supposed mental health problems weren’t getting the treatment they needed.

I’m left almost speechless by the utter stupidity of the whole programme. What about young people in Medieval times when half the children died from diseases that are easily treated nowadays? What about young people growing up during the Victorian industrialisation who were sent to work in mines and factories aged around 9 or 10? What about the young people who were sent off to the trenches in WWI at the age of 18 or 19? What about the young people who had to defend Britain against the German war machine in WWII?

It seems to me that young people “have never had it so good”. When I was young less than 10% of people went to ‘Uni’, now half of all young people can idle away three years at Uni by taking loans they’ll never earn enough to have to pay back to the taxpayer (to pay back a student loan in full, you’d have to be getting over £35,000 a year in your first job after Uni). And……….Oh, I give up. If people can’t see that today’s young have a better life than any generation before them, then there’s no point trying to convince them

Boris calls out police chiefs’ bluff

For years our useless, politically-correct, diversity-obsessed police bosses have assured us that rising crime is due to a 20,000 drop in the number of police officers. So now Boris Johnson has called their bluff and told them his government will fund the recruitment and employment of 20,000 more police officers over the next three years. Are the police chiefs happy? No way. Now they’re complaining that this is not enough and that they’ll need even more money and that crime is changing and etc etc etc.

One particular complaint the police chiefs have come up with is that they’re having difficulty recruiting people of the right calibre because Millennials don’t have the right strength of character to become effective serving police officers. I don’t buy this argument. I’d like to suggest that our police chiefs are responsible for their own recruitment problems, mainly because they’ve excluded more than half the population from their recruitment pool. How have they done this stupidity? By insisting that all police recruits have university degrees. Old-fashioned idiots like myself might believe that being street-wise and knowing the local community were more important than a third-rate degree from a fourth-rate university. But not our police chiefs. Bloody idiots!!!!!

In fact, our police bosses are just as stupid as our NHS bosses who now demand all nurses have a university degree. Result – shortage of good nurses and collapse in the standards of patient care.

Time for an identity parade?

You’ve probably all seen the short video below of a lady dressed as Darth Vader on a bad hair day abusing a gay rights pride LBGTQ+++ marcher. Had this been a tattooed white person doing the abuse, they’d be arrested and charged with a hate crime and public disorder and anything else the plods could think of. But because it was a Darth Vader lookalike, no action was taken.

However, now that the video has gone viral, the police claim to be investigating. So, how are they going to find the woman? Through an identity parade?

Aaaaarrrgghhh – the world has gone mad


6 comments to “Today is a really hard time to be a young person” and other PC bollox

  • William Boreham

    I see the police apparently ‘broke the law’ and used false evidence to obtain search warrants to raid the homes of those high profile ‘suspects’ in the fantasist Nick affair. A High Court Judge has called for the police involved brought to book with a criminal investigation. Good luck with that, most of them have ‘retired early’ with their £3-400,000 pension pots. As for our young people, I see the blacks in America are demanding compensation for ’slavery.‘ Well, anybody who has read: The Cotton Kingdom: A Travellers Observations on Cotton and Slavery in the American Slave States 1853-1861 written by Frederick Law and has also read :The Condition of the English Working Class written by Friedrich Engels (German – collaborator with Karl Marx) at the same period, would come to the conclusion it was far better in every way to live as a slave in the USA than be a member of the English working class back then – and even more so as a young person/child back then as well.

  • Carl

    David Craig, You are an extraordinary man. Thankyou for expressing your concerns. I’m informed rather than an ignorant cobwebbed littered ghost Manor

  • twi5ted

    I believe the police are legally required to adopt positive discrimination in their recruitment. This is thanks to legislation driven through parliament by Harriet Harperson and our recently departed dear leader the Maybot. So not only are police excluding half the population who do not have a degree they are then slicing and dicing the remainder so they can tick all the diversity boxes.

    There was a really interesting video doing the rounds recently with Douglas Carswell and Rod Liddle. They mention this obsession with diversity, i believe now legally mandated in the public sector, but the intolerance of any diversity of thought. A diverse workforce but all required to hold the same opinion and state approved ideology.

  • A Thorpe

    I’m pleased that you have taken up this issue. I had to give up on the Dispatches programme. I felt they were all talking themselves into having problems. The comments about the past show a life of hardship and we just had to get on with it. I was born in 1944 and there were no luxuries. I am sure that films, TV and the internet contribute to their problems. It is wall to wall nonsense and you can see people copying the behaviour, including violence. Love Island sums it all up. They are being brainwashed into this behaviour just as the are brainwashed into thinking they have to save the planet and that involves our equally crazy politicians.

    I have come to believe that humans thrive when we have challenges. This is what we evolved to do and the environment in which our brains evolved. I have seen astonishing achievements in my lifetime and life has become easy, but the majority now seem to demanding help from a socialist system that will never deliver anything but failure. This is not how humanity will progress. For thousands of years humans saw no change from birth to death. The last 100 years has changed that but I no longer think it will continue. We are not able to deal with the change and uncertainty and the political promises fail time after time. I am fortunate to have a good pension but I suspect the pension funds will eventually fail. Look at the state of many businesses and Centrica is now in difficulty. Trump boasts about the USA economy but it is all built on subsidies financed by debt. Another crash is inevitable and the West hasn’t recovered from the last one.

  • Stillreading

    Adolescence is, in itself, a “Mental Health Problem”. I went through it. I didn’t like it. I survived it and came out the other end. No one diagnosed me as “mentally ill”. If I sulked I was told to pull myself together and get on with whatever it was I didn’t want to do and if I was rude to my parents I received a clip round the ear. Today’s youngsters need to be told to get their act together, tear themselves away from their numerous screens and their obsession with “social media”, and do something useful. And I don’t mean participation in “Global Warming”, or “Climate Change” demos! To learn yesterday that some self-obsessed British teenager, who for years has routinely spent EIGHT HOURS out of every 24 playing some computer game, has been given not much short of £1 million at some competition is nothing short of nauseating and constitutes a total condemnation of Western family values and child-rearing practices. Several years older than Thorpe, I am one of the diminishing number of UK citizens who actually remember the war years – the food and clothes rationing, the shortage of coal for the one household fire (central heating was unheard of), my mother’s efforts to feed me and my sister adequately, the awareness of actual immediate physical threat when the siren went or a doodlebug past over. Many hours of the days and nights were routinely spent in dark, cold air-raid shelters. Thorpe is right; the human race needs challenges to survival and, absent such challenges as those faced by men and women still in their teens in WW1 and WW2 (and other men and women in earlier centuries) at least their illusion in the form of adventurous physical activities of the sort routinely enjoyed by youngsters in the past. “‘Elf ‘n Safety” nonsense has deprived our children of so much. Schools forbid conquers and playground games of “tag”. Any parent who let their offspring out alone overnight on a camping adventure would probably be prosecuted for child neglect. Running in the playground is forbidden at one primary school I know because the Head fears being sued if children collide and someone is hurt. At a Summer Fayre type event not long ago my 7 year old grandson had to be kitted out in knee and elbow pads and a hard hat before being permitted to undertake a fun obstacle course, all at ground level, of about 20 metres, with a packet of sweets as a reward at the end! I heard on the news at lunchtime that about one third of youngsters now applying to “uni” are awarded unconditional offers. Even less chance, then, that when they get there they will be able to string a coherent sentence together, even less compose a full length essay! You reap what you sow and we Brits have been sowing some rotten seed for a good few decades. No surprise that the harvest isn’t up to much!

  • Julia Green

    To William, there was a very funny article in the Speccie suggesting that anyone with a Norman surname owes a LOT of money in compensation for the damage done to the English after the invasion of 1066. If American Africans want any sympathy for slavery of long ago, they might like to express some sympathy for the slavery of TODAY in many parts of the world. Truth is they don’t give a rolling doughnut, they’re just after more handouts and more excuses for low achievement. We whiteys went through two world wars, Europe flattened, do we keep complaining…or did we just rebuild our cities and industries?

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