February 2023
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I am legally prevented from commenting on this video

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Why is it always the West that has to sort things out?

I noticed two stories this week which made me wonder why it’s always us in the West who have to sort out other people’s problems.

Firstly there was the story of the two conjoined twins from Crapistan. They had to be sent to London’s Great Ormond Street hospital to be separated. Given that Izlum is obviously and demonstrably a religion of peace and progress, why aren’t there any doctors in Crapistan capable of performing the operation?

Then there was the Ebola outbreak in some total sh*t-hole in Africa. And the progressive libtards were bleating on about why Western pharmaceutical companies hadn’t developed a vaccine. But given that the progressive media claim there is absolutely no difference in IQ levels between Europeans and Sub-Saharan Africans (despite all the studies and empirical evidence proving otherwise) why haven’t the many successful African pharmaceutical companies and many famous African Nobel Prize-winning scientists developed a vaccine? After all, Ebola is an African, rather than a Western, disease. So Africa’s many brilliant world-class scientists should have long since dealt with it.

As I am a brain-dead, progressive, snowflake libtard, both these stories left me very puzzled.

I am forbidden from commenting on the video below

Unfortunately there is a legal action against me, which is being enforced by my useless, local, politically-correct police, which prevents me commenting on the short video below.

So, I’ll have to leave it up to you to watch the video and decide for yourselves the truthfulness or otherwise of those involved:

5 comments to I am legally prevented from commenting on this video

  • Chris Dark

    When they want access to your country and its freebies, they claim to be refugees; or else claim to be worthy of selection cos they is all rocket scientists and engineers, or aspiring rappers. When they want something to save their miserable lives, they expect others to come up with answers. The stories are spun according to their wants. In neither case do they actually want to lift their own fingers and DO
    something to help themselves. Nations of layabouts and spongers, always hard-done-by and perpetual victims.

  • loppoman

    Spot on David.
    You have read the minds of millions’.
    Truth hurts them but they can’t stop us thinking.

  • William Boreham

    Have the thought police finally got round to finding David’s blog? I think they’d better be careful where they go with this as everything written in the blog is factually correct. I’d like to be a fly on the wall at the interview, assuming there is one.

  • leila

    Always an excellent read, Mr Craig. I wish you well with the legal action against you.

  • A Thorpe

    You don’t have to comment on the video. Just look at the comments on YouTube. Tom Harwood is somebody to watch. He is completely on top of the facts as he was on Question Time. It is typical of all TV interviews that people can claim almost anything and get away with it because nobody is really in control of the discussion and they probably don’t care providing it is making good TV. If the interviewers are too tough on guests, they will end up with nobody. We have just lost one of the best political programmes with the end of This Week.

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