July 2024

Tommy Robinson supports British soldiers. Army bosses don’t

(Tuesday blog)

Running late today so no time for a full blog.

First, here’s the group of wonderful, enlightened, forward-thinking, progressive, liberal, tolerant individuals who now seem to run Britain:

Ooops, sorry, wrong photo. Here’s the right one:

Yes, it’s our favourite organisation – the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). Hooray for them – and our heartfelt thanks for the wonderful contribution they’ve made and keep on making to British society

I call them our new rulers because they appear to be the group who now decide who can and cannot serve in the British army. Funnily enough, they also seem to have an influence on who serves in our enemies’ armies. After all, around 750 fabulous British citizens went to fight for ISIS, while only just 640 individuals from the same religion serve in the British army. In 2015, when campaigning for the US presidency, Donald Trump was ridiculed by the British press when he claimed that there were more British members of the world’s most favourite religion fighting for ISIS than there were in the British military.

I don’t remember our mainstream media apologising to Trump when the figures proved he was right:

Anyway here’s someone else with views on who should be able to serve in the British army. It’s Tommy Robinson. As you’ll know, several soldiers are being investigated, disciplined and possibly dishonourably discharged from the army after complaints from our rulers (the MCB) when the soldiers had their photo taken with Mr Robinson. But while the rest of us cower behind our keyboards, terrified of writing anything that may upset our rulers, Tommy Robinson is fighting back by hiring a lawyer to help any soldiers being persecuted by our craven, cowardly, time-server, self-serving military leaders.

It would seem that our army is now run by the same kind of spineless, politically-correct, shameless, careerist cowards that have so demonstrably also taken over our police and who get rewarded with chest-fulls of medals and massive pensions while bowing down to Mecca and running away from danger at every opportunity to save their own worthless skins.

Thank God that, with Tommy Robinson, there’s someone left in Britain with some backbone!

9 comments to Tommy Robinson supports British soldiers. Army bosses don’t

  • Julia Green

    spot on as always David.

  • William Boreham

    That Tommy Robinson must have a pair of balls the size of melons. I have a horrible suspicion that one of those nut-jobs will finally succeed in eliminating one of our few genuine and courageous patriots – helped by our supine media who constantly describe him as a ‘right wing extremist.’ I notice a recent report, trumpeted by the BBC, stating right-wing extremists now as dangerous to society as Islamic terrorists. Really? When was the last time any right-wing extremist hijacked a plane, or blew himself up on the Underground, or beheaded someone on the internet, or attacked an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, murdering and maiming dozens of innocent young people? Precisely.

  • Stillreading

    According to today’s news, in addition to the already existing classification of “hate crimes” against L,G,B & T people, against the disabled, the mentally ill, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and anyone whose appearance is not obviously Anglo-Saxon, there is now to be a new category – that of hate crime against men. Is there any category of UK inhabitant against whom a crime will NOT be classified as a “Hate crime”? Yes – anyone who declares him/herself as a Christian will presumably be anyone’s game! Talk about the Law being an Idiot!

  • Snetinel 226

    They’re looking at adding two categories to those who can be victims of so called ‘hate crimes’. These are linked to misogyny and the elderly. I wonder how the members of a certain ‘religion of peace, will fare with the misogyny bit? My bone of contention about ‘hate crime’ is much of it is about curtailment of the freedom of expression. It’s a wonder snouts-in the trough. com haven’t been investigated. Sadly, it can only be a matter of time.

  • FredTheShred

    Tommy Robinson tells Ezra Levant one prisoner had boiling water poured on him for eating bacon .

  • Tony Trenton

    MUST WATCH…..What is happening in the UK is sickening,truly we are in serious trouble here our government is destroying us intentionally..

    Latest Tommy Robinson Interview with Alex Jones. Sept. 18, 2018

  • robert peel

    The Joker Totalitarian Marxist EU. threatens Cambodia for moving away from Democracy.
    There is NO democracy in the EU except Hungary and maybe some other Central European Countries. The Baltic States are UK lapdogs with British snake Politicians running their Political Parties.The leaders we are allowed to vote for are chosen before hand by the Cabal, no one else stands a chance because they unleash the controlled media on them to destroy them by any means.

  • DTees

    Antifa students protesting Tommy Robinson don’t know who he is.

  • BelindaT

    BRITISH Taxpayers forced to fund the £2million-a-year bill to ‘protect’ notorious radical Muslim hate preacher Anjem Choudary, 51, is released from prison this week

    GERMANY: Cologne, site of the mass Muslim sexual assaults on New Years Eve 2016, is also where a Muslim Islamic State supporter attempted to set fire to a teenage girl earlier today.

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