May 2024

Let them come! We want diversity! We demand to be enriched!

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I’ll keep this blog short. Below is an extract from an official EU document. The first column of numbers shows the actual population density in number of people per km2 for each EU country. The second column gives the actual (2008) population by country:

The really exciting column of numbers is the fourth which shows what our EU rulers consider to be the population capacity for each country using a target of 1,000 people per km2. You’ll see that for Britain, Adolph Merkel’s population planners estimate we could increase our population from just over 60 million (in 2008) to 184 million at some glorious point in the future.

Overall, the EU’s population planners believe that the EU’s population could be increased from around 495 million (in 2008) to 3.8 billion to reach the target population density of 1,000 people per km2.

But where are all these extra people going to come from? After all, ethnic Europeans are having ever fewer babies. Hmm. Oh wait, I know where they’ll all come from – they’ll come from backward, violent, Third-World sh*tholes.

Later in this official EU document are loads of ideas about forcing countries to share the costs of this massive population increase. Here’s just one such page (sorry it’s difficult to read)

This document gives a  small glimpse into the future our EU bosses have planned for us.

In case you think this is fake news, here’s a link to the original EU population planning document:

Personally, being a progressive, liberal, internationalist, globalist, rapefugee-hugging libtard, I welcome the planned arrival of million upon million of young Third-World men of fighting age who hate us, hate our civilisation and want to enjoy/destroy (delete as appropriate) everything Europe has created.

Oh, I just love my own virtue-signalling. Look at me, everybody. I’m almost as virtuous as people like Lily Allen, Saint Geldorf, Bono, Emma Thompson, JK Rowling and Gary Lineker. And I’m not even a multi-millionaire living in a few well-protected mansions far far away from diverse, multi-cultural, inner-city, violent, no-go-area slums.

But sadly there are negative, horrible people like Pat Condell who seem unable to understand the wonderful wonderful future our EU leaders have planned for us. Shame on Pat Condell and anyone who thinks like him. Here he is in 2017 moaning and complaining as usual:

11 comments to Let them come! We want diversity! We demand to be enriched!

  • Stillreading

    The petition in support of the squaddies facing discipline for having their photos taken with Tommy Robinson has mysteriously been “taken down”. According to Robinson, the petition most recently stood at 150,000 signatures. By whose request or on whose authority it has been taken down is unknown and the host website will not or is unable to enlighten Robinson. Now regardless of whether or not you support him and his views, or even the soldiers in question, the disappearance of the petition is an extremely sinister move which should seriously alarm every single UK citizen who believes in democracy and free speech. Let’s remind ourselves; these are not indecent photos. The soldiers are not abusers of under-age girls and the photos do not detail paedophilic practices or abnormal or indecent sexual activity. They are of young UK guys who made a career choice to support their country by enrolling for military service and who found themselves, quite by chance, in proximity to a fellow, civilian, citizen with whom they chose to be photographed. They are now, according to TR, all facing discharge, presumably DISHONOURABLE discharge. I am ashamed of my country. On the other hand, just WHAT are the military authorities so terrified of that they feel the need to suppress any apparent endorsement of Robinson in such a draconian fashion?

  • Roy Hartwell

    Are all of us who signed going to have to wait in fear for the knock on the door at midnight ?

  • William Boreham

    I see the likes of Oxfam and Save the Children are still showing pictures of starving Africans and begging for funds. Logically ALL the aid we send to Africa and other third world areas, should be given to the British middle class as an inducement, bribe, whatever – to produce as many babies as possible. As it is now, we are inexorably headed for extinction as a race and in Britain in the next century, daily life for our descendents will be much like life for Christians now in Muslim countries. Like in Pakistan, where poor Christian mother of five, Asia Bibi, is under a death sentence for daring to drink water from the same well as the Muslims community. What in Europe desperately need for racial survival right now is anther ruthless dictator with the same racial views as….one daren’t mention his name.

  • David Craig

    I believe the knock on the door and 10 armed plods smashing into our homes to arrest us for ‘hate thought’ normally happens at around 05.00 in the morning

  • Roy Hartwell

    Thanks David, I’ll start setting my alarm for 4.30 so I don’t get a surprise.

  • A Thorpe

    “Beneficiaries of International Protection” – who thought that one up and who is going to protect us?

  • David Brown

    Did someone take a screen shot of the petition – was it the Government online petition ?

    people should post this on the Mirror / Telegraph / The Sun
    or the Mail where not subject to pre- moderation
    state the facts

  • Tommy Atkins

    UK scum government bows to Imam and fires UK soldier for standing next to Tommy Robinson.

  • FredtheShred

    OOps the S&P500 just rang the bell. The EU libtards have forgotten one important thing who is going to pay for this utopia(Marxist Hell)? We are up to our eyeballs in debt personally nationally and throughout the EU .Rates have to rise to stop inflation if they do debts cant be paid, default (The Immigrants won’t be Happy when the Welfare State disappears,indigenous British neither .The long EU experiment is about to crash and burn.
    Considering the un-elected Bureaucrats have never had a real job between them is it surprising, politicians are professional masters of spin(Professional Liars) with cognitive dissonance(believe their own BS.) The real world has popped their bubble.When you reach the top of a 30 year mountain of debt there is only one way to go.
    A Chinese saying “May you live in interesting times” (Its a curse by the way.)
    Blame the Politicians(paid for) and Banksters of the last 25 years for this ,they knew what they were doing, each and every one ,The Left Labour and the Left Tories , lovers of the EUSSR (No Soviet State escaped the USSR, same goes for the Marxist States of the EUSSR,they were never going to lets us leave with Brexit, I knew that all along, they have made our military subservient to the EU and tied it in with the French while all the Hot air was expelled during Brexit negotiations see to find what they have done. that includes Teresa May ,trying to start a War (with her lies)with Russia to distract attention from what they have done, why do you think May and Cameron were hell bent on us paying for the deep states Trident Missile System (us in the front line in a War the Deep State wants).They had this planned many years ago.Who knows maybe London will go up in a puff of smoke A mushroom cloud of sorts. Corbyn will turn the whole country into a Marxist wasteland very quickly, a mulit cult shit hole one, well it is already isn’t it.

  • Stillreading

    Why have we not – as far as I know – heard a SINGLE WORD about these young soldiers on UK mainstream news media? It’s only people who actively search and read blogs such as this – blogs which doubtless are considered by our Honourable Leaders as dangerously subversive – and who follow the various links provided, who have any idea of what is truly happening in our country and to our traditional way of life. I know plenty of people who moan in an apathetic sort of way about our Capital and our larger cities, but they are resolutely closing their minds to the longer-term implications. They’ll only wake up, as some Germans are starting to do, when an immigrant centre suddenly pops up on the periphery of a peaceful rural town, such as the Anker centre which Merkel has imposed on the citizens of a small town in Bavaria. When they find their entire lifestyle under threat it will already be too late.

  • John Fields

    I see that a few readers mention a knock on the door in the early hours of the morning.
    A few days ago I did mention in a comment about the GESTAPO. This German
    secret police organisation had a job of rounding up Jews. If that detestable man, Corbyn,
    ever becomes our Prime Minisiter, then many citizens will certainly hear the early
    knock on the door. By the way, I am not a Tory lover.

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