July 2024

Will you support our soldiers?

(Thursday blog)

Below is an email I just received from Tommy Robinson. Are you prepared to support our soldiers by signing his petition?

A few days ago, I stopped at a service station where four coaches full of British soldiers were taking a break. I said hello to the lads and some of them posed for “selfies” with me. 

It was my great honour to stand with our troops and shake their hands, even just for a few moments. 

But when the Muslim Council of the UK heard about this, they immediately demanded that the Army punish these soldiers — and to their shame, the Army did.

These lads had their cell phones seized and inspected for “illegal” photos of me. And the Armed Forces’ official Islamic advisor, Asim Hafiz, condemned these men — before the investigation was even complete — telling reporters that “any form of racism, discrimination or extremism is taken extremely seriously and will be dealt with accordingly”.

What racism? What discrimination?

It was just a photo. These are proud British soldiers.

And now I have heard that at least one of these lads has been summarily discharged from the Army — just for standing next to me and smiling.

That’s outrageous. That cannot stand.

These lads are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. The least we can do is stand up for their freedom, too.

I’m going to go down to the Ministry of Defence and hand-deliver a petition to the Chief of the Defence Staff, General Sir Nick Carter, demanding that this political witch-hunt be called off.

I started the petition last night, and it already has more than 70,000 names on it. Please take a moment to add your name to it, too — I’d like to have over 100,000 signatures on it by tomorrow.

Please click here, or visit — and forward this e-mail to your friends and family.

These soldiers would do anything for us. Please take a minute to do something small for them.

Yours truly,

Tommy Robinson

6 comments to Will you support our soldiers?

  • Stillreading

    Petition signed! I heard about this on BBC news yesterday and was outraged. How DARE my country, the country I and my predecessors have inhabited since at least the mid 17th century (I’ve done a bit of genealogy) treat our soldiers in this way? My father and my uncle served in the Army and RAF in WW2 and my grandfathers in WW1. A great uncle died on the Somme. For what, I increasingly ask myself, were they ultimately fighting and dying? Well – we now know, don’t we? To save England (and the rest of the UK) from one cult which was deemed repugnant, just so that it could eventually apparently be HANDED OVER to another which many deem equally repugnant. In the context of freedom of speech and action and ultimately thought, it is truly terrifying when a group of young men peacefully encountering a man whose political stance some just happen to find offensive, can be persecuted and their careers prejudiced JUST FOR TAKING A FEW PHOTOS.

  • chris

    “Lions led by…” Rats.

  • William Boreham

    All this at a time when the armed forces are desperate for recruits as more are leaving than joining. Heard one of those silly join the army adverts on the radio, obviously aimed at women, saying women can now serve in the front line. Think the fate of a female POW would be somewhat different to that of a male – and it also didn’t mention that, due to the activities of British scumbag lawyers, you could go to jail for shooting the enemy

  • Juliet 46

    Husband and I both signed. Does anyone have a link to show how many signatures there are now?

  • John G Fields

    Muslim influence seems to be growing stronger.
    I am disgusted at the event, and ashamed to be English.
    I hope that they do not bring in a form of GESTAPO.
    Then we really will have hit rock bottom.

  • Bad Brian, (very hacked off)

    A Tribute To Rudger Kipling, ( What he would have to write now).

    Army Life 2018..

    Bravery and courage lads will always hold the line,
    But put your weapons down lads, it’s the Muslim’s praying time,

    Be quiet and respectful lads, as he calls upon Big Mo,
    We can’t advance, not one inch lads , till Ahmed says to go,

    When things are looking bad for us, take courage boys and try,
    Except for Quentin at the back, it’s time for him to cry,
    He’s missing his new boyfriend, who’s a pretty boy to miss,
    Come up here Tristian, get your gun, and he’ll give you a big kiss.

    The two big girls from Q Squad, we saw them scream and flee,
    “They’re sqatting in a slit trench Sarge !” A private place to pee,

    The Muslims , gays and lesbians are welcome in our army,
    But a photograph with Tommy R makes the top brass go quite barmy.

    So white boys think before you join ,
    Where the Army stands, I tell it true,
    Unless your gay, or Muslim bred,
    They have no use for you.

    But when our enemies attack again,
    And our politicians turn pale,
    They will grovel and beg, and promise all things,
    To the Anglo Saxon Male.

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