April 2024

“A few hundred right-wingers” the lying BBC reported

(Thursday blog)

Last weekend, there was the annual city festival in a German town called Chemnitz. Last year, it was overshadowed by several rapes and massive sexual molestations, done by Arabs and Afghans, and the same happened also this year. In one case, about a dozen “young men” (newspeak for our Moozerlum friends) tried to rape two girls.

This was noticed by a German man, who tried to protect the girls from the would-be rapists. He was brutally slaughtered to death by two migrant ‘young men’ inflicting at least 25 knife wounds. Two more men who tried to help him also suffered severe knife wounds and are still in intensive care. (It is rumored that one of them has also died)

Initially the lying BBC reported that “a few hundred right-wingers” had gathered to protest against immigration. Here’s what the BBC calls “a few hundred”:

And here’s another picture of what the lying BBC calls “a few hundred right-wingers”:

Clearly the BBC have been taking lessons in mathematics from Nobel Prize-winning mathematician, Labour’s Diane Abbott.

Later the BBC did amend the article on their website from “a few hundred” to “thousands”. However, most people would have got their ‘information’ from the BBC TV news which reported just “a few hundred” and didn’t see fit to issue a correction.

But in their website report about the protests in Chemnitz, the BBC went on to make two further clearly ludicrous claims.

The BBC claimed that immigration to Germany has been a success and that “one in four new migrants has a job”. It’s true that there was a report in the EU-loving Financial Times making this claim. But other more reliable reports suggest that 97.5% of new Middle East and African migrants to Germany are not working. That seems slightly more realistic to me.

The BBC also claimed that Germans weren’t overly concerned about immigration: “A national poll recently found that Germans are now more concerned about health, pensions and climate policy”. That is another blatant lie. The latest YouGov poll (from May this year) of different EU countries’ main concerns showed that Number One for Germans was “immigration” and Number Two for Germans was “terrorism”. For Germans issues like health, pensions and climate policy hardly registered on the YouGov poll.

And here’s a video of what the lying BBC calls “a few hundred right-wingers”. To me it looks like the whole town of Chemnitz has come out to protest against Adolf “Mad Cow” Merkel’s uncontrolled immigration and race replacement policies.

Most people don’t have the time or energy to check the BBC’s supposed “facts”. But when you do, all you find are progressive, holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, Izlumophiliac, hug-a-rapefugee libtard lies:

5 comments to “A few hundred right-wingers” the lying BBC reported

  • Adrian

    When I was younger the BBC was source of information, current news, updates and for the most part it got it right and was, with the exception of the war pretty balanced. Even during he Falklands there was balanced reporting in how each side was progressing BUT in the last 30 years the very nature of BBC has changed and it has rightly in my view become more diverse in the staffing so people from many backgrounds are now employed there which can be witnessed on every broadcast, every program etc. What BBC failed to do is instil those Reithian values that were apparent previously. Now the news is skewed away from certain issues, everyone who wants to protect their family or even just wants to be left alone is Right Wing or worse FAR RIGHT. Misinformation erodes our very freedom our democracy because when you question these matters you yourself are branded Right Wing. Is this about immigration. No, many immigrants are here and frankly you do not even notice, they go about their daily business and have no impact on any of us other than to be law abiding and integrating. Sikhs are the perfect example. Others come here for a ‘better life’ but bring their historic problems and customs with them. Back to the BBC. They need to take a root and branch look at themselves and swing the pendulum of neutrality back just enough for people with opinions and truths to be heard again.

  • Henry McGowan

    I wholeheartedly agree. How many times will journalists on the Brexit Bashing Corporation. state. When there is some good news about the economy etc. ( Despite
    Brexit) Theresa May must GO. She has lied continuously to her Party and the people.
    Look what happened recently with the confrontation between French fishermen and ours.
    Recently I viewed the film Darkest Hours. Nothing has really changed, we had our appeasers then and we still have them now. Why are we afraid of being called Right Wing. The Labour Party has it’s extreme Left Wing in Momentum. English people, rise up now and demand a clean break from the E U. You have nothing to fear bu fear it’s self

  • tomsk

    I now realise that I am a far right racist bigot because I believe in everything that my grandad and his dad fought for in the two big ones. I will be confirming it in two months time by wearing a poppy. Sorry Mr Policeman/woman/they/person.

  • Great Briton

    And on the news tonight they are trying to smear the protestors as Nazis.
    They were chanting Lying Press which apparently is a Nazi chant, conclusive proof as far as the BBC is concerned.
    When will they realise that their constant misreporting is just digging a deeper hole to bury them in?

  • saffron200

    I gave up trusting the BBC as a “neutral” source of news some time ago. And as for “Newsnight”, well, that has become a complete farce without any attempt at a balanced point of view whatsoever.

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