April 2024

Is this cow still alive while being skinned?

(Friday blog)

Here’s a lovely video. In it our friends from the Religion pf Tolerance, Peace and Harmony are seen skinning a cow that has been ‘killed’ as part of the festival of Eid or something like that.

This is not happening in the usual Third-World sh*t-hole. It’s happening in today’s Canada.

Canada used to be an advanced, civilised First-World country. But under globalist, rapefugee-hugging, metrosexual man-boy Trudeau, Canada is apparently following that other Northern country, Sweden, on the long, perilous, violent, blood-soaked journey back to the Middle Ages and beyond.

But the big question people are asking about the video is whether the cow is still alive while being skinned. Its head seems to move a few times.

Of course, the Izlumophiliac Canadian police have been unbelievably quick to claim the animal was dead. The Canadian police apparently managed to reach this convenient conclusion without actually investigating.

Staff Sergeant Paul Davies told CityNews the animal was already dead in the video. “I know that some people had thought the animal was alive but if you look closely at the video the head movement of the animal is caused by the horns kind of digging into the ground and making the head appear to be moving when in fact that animal is clearly dead,” says Davies.

But not everyone believes Staff Sergeant Paul Davies.

If you can bear to watch the video, what do you think?

CANADA: Pakistani Muslims love to show off their cow-skinning skills outside a mosque in Milton

2 comments to Is this cow still alive while being skinned?

  • Stillreading

    Whether the poor animal was still alive when it was actually being skinned is relatively irrelevant. The prolonged, agonising, appalling process of getting it to the state shown in the video was undoubtedly just one more example of the pinnacles of unspeakable cruelty regularly achieved by these peoples’ practices. This video – and the decidedly worse one to which to link leads readers – should be shown by the BBC on prime-time TV. And given the ease with which meat of dubious origin can enter the UK’s food chain (remember horseburghers?) it is up to every shopper to enquire whether the meat we unthinkingly buy neatly minced or chopped and tidily packaged could perhaps be of “Hal Al” origin and if there’s any doubt, decline to buy it. If the wider, allegedly animal-loving, British public were aware of the barbarities of Hal AL slaughter, perhaps there would be a vociferous move to ban it, at least in our country. As for the RSPCA, their sloppy, sentimental ads. (which I do my best to avoid!) showing poor little Moggie being a bit underfed or Puppy Doggie not being loved enough, or Bunnie not getting all the carrots he’d like, make me even sicker than usual when that so-called charity is wilfully overlooking the barbarity being regularly practised on its home turf.

  • William Boreham

    The anti-immigrant AfD party was only formed in 2015 and already it is the 3rd largest political party in Germany. In our godforsaken country, any attempt to form an anti-immigration party is immediately quashed by our spineless political establishment and left-leaning media, the public brainwashed into believing a party trying to represent their vital interests – is ‘extreme’ racist and fascist. Look at the fate of the likes of Tommy Robinson. Meanwhile, the Tories who used to be inclined to the right, are now indistinguishable from the Lib/Dem party. Unless the Germans find another Hitler and quick, they and Europe are doomed. It is too late for us here in Britain, demography alone will determine our future – life under Sharia Law.

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