May 2024

Maybe we should listen when our enemies tell us their plans?

(Tuesday blog)

Nobody listened to Uncle Adolf

I’ve never read Hitler’s book Mein Kampf. Nor have I ever listened to any of the good man’s speeches to the mass crowds of his adoring supporters. But from the little I understand, dear Adolf made a few things very clear

  • Germany would take back all land lost following World War 1
  • Germans viewed all Slavs as subhumans who should be eliminated in order to provide living space (Lebensraum) for Germans
  • He admired the British Empire and wanted to conclude a peace treaty with Britain provided Britain was willing to hand over control of continental Europe and most of Russia to Germans
  • He had some rather nasty plans for Europe’s Jews

I believe none of this was hidden or secret and that Herr Hitler was quite open about his intentions. But for some reason few people listened or took him seriously. This might have been because nothing in history up till then had prepared Europeans to conceive of the mass slaughter our German friends were itching to start – about 30 million people murdered in 6 years (2,190 days) – about 14,000 innocents massacred by Germans every single day of World War 2.

In fact, not only did nobody listen to Hitler when he made his intentions admirably clear, many in the West either supported the Nazis (yes Daily Mail, I mean you) or at least sought to appease them by giving in to all their demands. In Britain, our top politicians like Chamberlain and Lord Halifax had already tried to begin negotiating a surrender to Germany using Mussolini as a middleman between Britain and Adolf Merkel’s hero – Angela Hitler.

Our new enemies are also clear about their plans for us

Now let’s spool forward to today. We seem to have a new set of enemies who are just as bloodthirsty as our German friends were in the middle of the last century. I think it’s politically-correct to refer to these good people as ‘radical Islamists’ without being accused of waaaccciiisssmmm!!!!!

Yesterday I posted part of a speech in which a gentleman from possibly the more extreme sections of the Religion of Love, Harmony and Peace made it quite clear that any of his co-religionists who integrated with Western civilisation was a traitor and that it was the duty of all those from the Religion of Tolerance and Love to dominate Western society rather than integrating with it.

Today here’s another cheerful chappy further clarifying the plans he and his chums have for the Western world. Said Khecharem, a member of Hizb ut-Tahrir in Tunisia, said that restoring the rule of the Muslims worldwide “requires the conquest of America, Britain, Russia, France, and Italy,” and other infidel lands. Khecharem, who was speaking at the International Caliphate Conference, held in Tunisia, said that this would happen “after the elimination of the filthy Jewish entity, and after liberation of the lands that are being directly colonized, like Kashmir and others.” The conference was posted on the YouTube channel of Hizb ut-Tahrir Tunisia on May 19, 2018.

Here’s a short excerpt from this wonderful gentleman’s speech:

Said Khecharem: After the laws of Allah were abandoned, and the heretic regimes were imposed on the Muslims, the most important thing to do is to restore the rule of the Muslims, through the Quran and the Sunna, in order to renew Islamic life and to deliver the Islamic message to the world. My brothers, the implication of this today should be the establishment of an Islamic state over all the lands of the Muslims. This state will unite the lands, instate Islamic law, and will renew the spreading of the message of Muhammad to the world. This requires… Just look how high we aim: This requires the conquest of America, Britain, Russia, France, and Italy – Rome and other infidel lands will be conquered, Allah willing.

Man in Crowd: Say: “Allah Akbar!”

Crowd: Allah Akbar!

Said Khecharem: This will happen, of course, after the elimination of the filthy Jewish entity, and after liberation of the lands under direct colonization, like Kashmir and others.

To an ignorant imbecile like myself, this sounds worryingly similar to Adolf Hitler’s speeches from the 1930s. And once again, because we are unable to conceive the horrors of civil war in Europe and the conquest of our countries by a new Caliphate, we don’t listen when our enemies openly tell us what they have planned.

I humbly suggest this might be a mistake!!!!!!!

5 comments to Maybe we should listen when our enemies tell us their plans?

  • Julia Green

    History repeating itself, we have a weak, divided and stupid government, appeasing Islam every step of the way, assisted by a Common Purpose dumbed down ‘police force’ and witless ‘university educated’ media, all falling over themselves not to report on the appalling levels of crime in the no go zones. And a really, really stupid EU falling over themselves to let in millions of dangerous, low intelligence fighting age males what, to be…nurses?

  • William Boreham

    I guarantee that most British people think it was Hitler that decalered war on Britain, not the other way round. Hitler’s views on the British were encapsulated speaking to General von Blumentritt after Dunkirk: “He (Hitler) then astonished us by speaking with admiration of the British Empire, the necessity of its existence and of the civilisation that Britain had brought into the world…he compared the British Empire with the Catholic Church saying they were both elements of stability in the world. He said all he wanted from Britain was that she should acknowledge Germany’s position on the Continent. The return of Germany’s colonies would be desirable but not essential, and he would even offer to support Britain with troops if she should be involved in difficulties elsewhere.”
    We of course went on to ally ourselves with the two superpowers out to destroy our economy (and Empire) which in the case of the USA, she successfully achieved and the Soviets whose fellow travellers in this country wanted to overthrow democracy and turn Britain (and Europe) into a communist colony. Despite all the Battle of Britain propaganda, Hitler never had the means to invade Britain, but just imagine for a moment he did successfully invade and occupy Britain. The end result would have been that in 2100, the British would be a million times more numerous, thriving and successful as a people and nation, compared to the future we face now where we will be in the same situation the Christians in Iraq found themselves in after Saddam was murdered by the Yanks.

  • A Thorpe

    The heading reminds me of Churchill. He did listen and observe. He also, more importantly compared to our present useless MPs, did not tell our enemies what he intended to do.

  • david brown

    Treason May is doing her best to secure the best deal not for us but for the EU or Europa with whom is her true allegiance is. On the premise she set out to sabotage Brexit from the start all her actions make perfect sense. The current no deal impasse is just a trick worked out between her and Macron to give credence to her confidence trick chequers plan.
    The orchestrated campaign against Corbyn using some pictures around for some time is part of a Macron suggested plot to May. Corbyn voted leave get him replaced by a remain Labor leader, than the remain camp among to Tories can work with the remain camp in Labor to wreck any real Brexit.
    Of course the Muslims vote supports remain as other immigration obscures Pakistan Muslim immigration. Mostly chain migration via marriage from Pakistan Muslims here to spouses in Pakistan, In fact the largest group of none EU migrants . Muslims in the UK are in numbers more than the total population of Wales and still increasing in numbers .

  • Baroness Bonkers

    We are doooomed.

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