March 2023
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Be careful if some ‘new Europeans’ ask you the way to the nearest Burger King

(Thursday/Friday blog)

This 14 second video is apparently from Germany. It appears to show some of Merkel’s migrant millions having a bit of innocent fun.

They start by asking an old man the way to the nearest Burger King. And when he turns to show them, they thank him in the only way they know how. Once the old man has fallen down, the ‘new Europeans’ start kicking him. But when they realise he’s already unconscious, they quickly lose interest. Hopefully, their next victim will provide them with a bit more entertainment.

And, of course, these highly-educated ‘new Europeans’, who are going to make such a huge contribution to our economy, film their attack and upload it onto the Internet to show their friends back home how wonderful their new life is.

Remind you of Clockwork Orange?

Enjoy this glimpse into our future:


And here’s why, one day, many of our children or grandchildren may decide to go and live in Poland:

5 comments to Be careful if some ‘new Europeans’ ask you the way to the nearest Burger King

  • Eddie John

    Worth reading the story of the Scorpion and the Frog, sums it all up

  • Philip

    “here’s why, one day, many of our children or grandchildren may decide to go and live in Poland.”

    Coincidentally I’ve just come back from, Poland. I could say a lot on what I saw but will comment only on the airport Polish Border Security Guards who check your hand luggage and passports. The were young (not one looked over thirty, both men and women) fit-looking, and dressed in well-fitted, green uniforms. They all carried sidearms and could have easily been taken for a commando unit. They were brusque, efficient, and purposeful. Their image reflected a country determined to protect its people and not bow to suicidal, globalist bull…t. I contrast them with their UK equivalent, some of whom I doubt could run for a bus.

  • Don Kiddick

    In reply to Philip i too have been to Poland recently and whole heartedly agree with your comments. A wonderful country steeped in history and a population steadfastly intent on upholding the traditions of one of the last bastions of historical Europe. I can’t wait to revisit Gdansk and encounter the warmth and respect of the Polish people once again. I do fear they are fighting a losing battle though trying to hold back the imminent shit tide that flows towards it.

  • Philip

    And I agree with your comments Don, partucularly the last sentence. The Visegrad countries are fighting a backs-to-the-wall battle to keep their heritage,traditions, culture intact against an relentless globalist enemy.These countries are not the richest on the planet and have social matters of their own to address and do not need any ‘enrichment’ to compound their problems. Surely any Pole spending time in this country must take back ghorror stories of the fate waiting them should they succumb.

  • Roy

    But they will shortly be punished by their superiors in the European Commisionfor not following the dictats of they who must be obeyed.

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