June 2024

This Christmas let’s remember Christians?

Normally at this wonderful time of the year, we at snouts-in-the-trough like to wish our readers a multi-cultural  ‘Winterval Holiday’ and a diversity-rich 2018. In the interests of not offending anyone who is not a Christian we, like many schools, businesses and other institutions in the West, have tended to drop the word ‘Christmas’.

But this year we’ll break with tradition and use the politically-incorrect word ‘Christmas’. Because this year we’d like to remember all the Christians across the world being persecuted and beaten and killed by you know who purely for being Christians.

While our cowardly rulers try to look the other way as they grovel to an ever more aggressive Religion of You Know What takeover of the once civilised West, Donald Trump and Viktor Orban seem to be the only leaders who have dared take steps to protect our Judeo-Christian heritage. As we’ve shown previously, under Hussein al-Obama, over 90% of ‘refugees’ accepted into the USA were from al-Obama’s favourite religion. But under Trump around half of refugees accepted are now Christians and that percentage is still rising.

Here’s our very own Theresa May looking thoroughly sick as a Christian charity Open Doors UK, along with an Iraqi pastor and Conservative MP Dame Caroline Spelman presented a burnt Bible to Mrs May on Wednesday in Parliament:

Their goal was to highlight the plight of Christians and minorities in the Middle East and ask for help in securing a better future for them. Father Daniel from Erbil in Iraq gave Mrs May the Arabic Bible, which was found at St Mary’s shrine in Karamles, Iraq, after been burnt by IS.

Theresa May doesn’t look too thrilled at this reminder of which religion is actually the most persecuted in the world and that her very own bestest friends for life are the persecutors.

Anyway, as we break for the Christian festival of Christmas, we hope that we all avoid the fate that our treacherous ruling elites are preparing for us in the next few years.

We’ll be back on Monday 8 January 2018 with lots of new stories including our ever popular review of the best rapes of 2017 committed by May’s and Merkel’s multi-cultural enrichers.

Merry Christmas! And a violence-free New Year!

(As usual, we ask readers NOT to watch the video below. It is NOT funny! It should be banned! Everything that makes fun of or criticises our ruling elites’ plans for us should be banned! And, under Director of Public Prosecutions boss Alison Saunders’s ever-widening definition of a ‘hate crime’, everything our rulers disapprove of soon will be banned)

5 comments to This Christmas let’s remember Christians?

  • NoMore

    Merry Christmas and a great 2018 to you also!

  • Dave Hancock

    Merry Christmas to you and yours David, have enjoyed reading you this year, well done mate.

    Dave H.

  • Stillreading

    I endorse that. Keep the posts going – they are undoubtedly read and appreciated by more people than you know. Rather apposite news out of Melbourne this morning it seems.

  • Mr J G Fields

    Mr Craig. Do you think that you could leave the
    Religion of Hate blog for a while and write about the
    way that this rotten Tory government is slowly but
    surely betraying 17.4 million of us who legally
    voted to leave the EU without reservations?

  • Baroness Bonkers

    Knighthood.Prick Clegg. Why?

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