June 2024

Do NOT watch these two videos

On Friday I wrote about two videos that readers should NOT watch. Since then, I have been contacted by several readers recommending the videos that I advised you NOT to watch. Clearly my advice was ignored or not understood by some readers.

So, here again are two videos – one by Pat Condell and one by Paul Joseph Watson that you should NOT watch as they both, in my humble opinion, promulgate opinions that deviate from the politically-correct mantras of the holier-than-thou, virtue-signalling, do-as-I-say liberal elites that we are meant to believe otherwise we could be arrested for ‘hate thought’.

Here’s the Pat Condell video you should NOT under any circumstances watch:

And here’s the Paul Joseph Watson video you should NOT watch:

3 comments to Do NOT watch these two videos

  • Barry Foster

    I think it’s important that Pat Condell’s video is distributed more widely. I’m not a member of Facebook, but I would kindly ask those who are to post it so that it is widely seen. I’m afraid we live in dangerous times – not from any Islamic terrorists (because your individual chances of being a victim is very low) but from those in authority not having the intelligence to see where their actions will lead. I’m against the ‘far-right’, but have the intelligence to see that it will grow as long as ‘normal’ reaction to what is going on is being suppressed.

  • Julia Green

    As instructed I didn’t watch either of those shocking videos nor did I pass them on to every man, woman and child I know, somehow though, a bug in my computer seems to have taken over and has spread them far and wide.

  • Barry Foster

    The sad bit is that Britain First is being painted as fascist and far right. I’ve read their website, and they aren’t either! The only thing I didn’t agree with is their completely bizarre wish to ban abortion! For that reason (alone) I could never support them. I would urge everyone interested in free speech (even from Islamists) to sign their petition:
    The right to free speech, to free expression, the right to offend, the right to say what you feel without fear, is SO important.

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