July 2024

Phew, a really really peaceful Ramadan this year

Well, that’s Ramadan over for this year. But I expect you’re all wondering what the final score was in terms of the number of people killed in religiously-inspired attacks by our friends from the religion we all love and admire.

Well, here’s the Ramadan 2017 final score:

Yes, I know, utterly pathetic. Only 1,595 confirmed kills, a miserable almost negligible 53 people a day being murdered because of religion.

That’s even less than Ramadan 2016:

In 2016, there were a slightly more impressive 1,850 confirmed kills – about 62 a day.

Though, if the Egyptian police hadn’t foiled an attack on a crowded Coptic Christian church and the Saudis hadn’t prevented an attempted attack on a large mosque by two suicide bombers, then perhaps this year, with a few hundred more dead, our peaceful friends might have managed to beat their 2016 score?

Actually, perhaps we shouldn’t be dismayed by the annual Ramadan toll of murder and mayhem in the name of religion. Over 90% of those killed by the screaming, inbred, low-IQ crazies were just other screaming, inbred, low-IQ crazies. So, removing them from this earth, slightly improves the quality of the human gene pool. Like Theresa May (above) maybe we should all welcome Ramadan and the benefit it brings to mankind. Let’s hope next year’s score is better than what our peaceful brothers achieved in 2017 bringing further improvements to the gene pool.

One suspects, however, that Ramadan 2017’s low final score must be slightly disappointing for all our friends in ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban and other associated groups who provide so much fun family entertainment around the world every year as they demonstrate the many joys of their most excellent and peaceful religion:


16 comments to Phew, a really really peaceful Ramadan this year

  • Libtard

    You know, if you joined us and became a Muslim, you wouldn’t feel this way…

  • David Craig

    I don’t think I could join in the necessary gang-raping and gang-sodomising and gang-torturing of under-age white girls. I prefer my sexual activities to be consensual and fairly conservative. So, I’ll give your suggestion a miss.

  • zx80

    June 27, 2017 at 10:35 am

    You know, if you joined us and became a Muslim, you wouldn’t feel this way…

    Or they and you could just fit the fuck in or fuck the fuck off?
    Or is that too easy for you to grasp?
    Yes it must be,but then Mcdonalds dont do day release degree courses for terroristic trolls….

  • Libtard

    You don’t have to go all the way, you know? Just choose to rape little black girls (or boys if you prefer) and they can be of the age of consent, too.
    After all, today’s American Nazis don’t go all-out Kraut and gas Jews, now do they?

    I don’t know what this grudge is you have against one of American’s most successful franchises either. Or is McDonalds too low-brow for you Starbucks groupies? If you partook in working class cuisine, you’d save a shitload of money and you wouldn’t be whining all the time about the 1%ers taking it all away if you actually kept it in the first place…

  • zx80

    Youre a kind of low rent Einstein, aintchya?

  • Libtard

    I do the best I can, under the circumstances.

  • zx80

    Yeah well dont give up your day job at the drive thru, youre wasted here.

  • Libtard

    Could be. Anyhow, to get back on topic, you’ll note that the attack and kill numbers are down this year. This proves conclusively that integration works.
    I’d wager that it continues to fall year after year, and will eventually be exceeded by Islamophobe attacks and kills.

  • zx80

    I thought your peaceful tolerant muslims didnt do such things as murder and attack?

    Quite how a minor hiatus in the onslaught, a breather lets say, “conclusively” proves integration works isnt clear.
    What is conclusive is that youre a troll, a rather poor example of one because when the attacks restart and more people die as a result, then by your own deluded logic, integration will then have “conclusively” failed. Dum, not very bright, a bit ‘fick yer honour, a tad simple, retarded, Libtarded even.

    Like i said before, get some mental health professionals to have a look at you, you really need it.
    Enjoy the weekend too, remember back at the drive thru on monday.

  • Libtard

    Someone has to stand up for minorities who are discriminated against. I hate bullies. Yet it’s so easy to brand someone a “troll” who stands up for the little guy. And yes it’s So Easy to simply join the (moral) majority and pounce with the rest of the lynch mob.
    Until the shoe is on the other foot and you find Yourself in a similar situation, then it’s crybaby time: “nobody’s helping me!” So don’t talk to me about mental health people.

  • zx80

    Who will stand up for you Libtard?
    Youre in a minority of one, but you appear to be all alone, poor thing.

    You have a problem.
    Youre not standing up for the little guy at all, youre doing the kicking back of an adolescent against all perceived wrongs yet you fail to grasp that your actions have grave consequences for yourself and your family.
    You may well feel comfortable in assuming the responsibility of those actions but you have no rights at all to assume them for anyone else.

    If you feel that “standing up” for rape crazy fugees and isis terror slags is right then go you, but at least try to put forward a coherent argument as to why youre so intent on damaging/destroying the very systems and people who have given you the freedom to do so and which wont be available under a system called sharia.

    Your position isnt coherent in the slightest because you ignore all the bad things your stance will bring and which outnumber any of the supposed good parts will be, btw, explain in concise terms what all the GOOD stuff is thats coming for everyone under the rule of islam, theres a good fellow.

    I fear for people like you, youre in over your heads, idealisticly driven to the point of zealoutry, Corbyns Great, Tories are evil kind of silliness is all that goes on in your heads but you have no real understanding of the real world at all.
    Let me tell you this, in a world under islamic control, YOU wont be around to enjoy its wondrous delights because as a kuffar and a collaborator, youll be one of the first to be gutted like a fish by your new masters.
    Thats a concern surely?

    What else is a concern is the fact that someone like you is openly espousing the view that everyone else is wrong and you alone are right.
    Well on the right we have a saying, Right is right and left is, well, wrong.

    Put your money where your mouth is, give away everything you own, to the invading hordes, let them shag your wife, cos we need “new blood” here, and generally become a slave to their beliefs. Go on, do it, then come back and tell me youre still “standing up for the little guy”.

    And they let people like you actually vote and breed.

  • Libtard

    If I’m in the minority then why are Muslims allowed to “invade” your country? Surely the Majority want this otherwise they wouldn’t allow it.

    The fact of the matter is that the majority of Muslims are black or, perhaps I should say, Non-White. You’re all White Suprems (whether you admit to this or not) and you’re all most likely of the Christian religion (which happens to be the main competitor of Islam). I’m sure if you actually got your way and had all the Muslims booted and the whole country Christerized, you’d be turning your resources to performing the same service against, well, let’s see…Jews, Hindus, Scientologists, Atheists…

    Just because there are some lunatics running around in Mid-East shithole nations doesn’t mean there’s an agenda for all Muslims to take over the world.
    Then again what I read here almost makes me believe that you believe a franchise like McDonald’s is out to force the world under gunpoint to eat Big Macs until the population is dead once they’ve gained world control…

    You’re a muckraker interested in stirring up enough fear and terror so you can sell some books.
    In reality, the world will go on as it always has gone on. The Mid-East crowd will kill themselves and ISIS will fall. Muslims will either assimilate into our countries or else will be booted out. That’s true for all disruptors. The smart ones will learn and assimilate in becoming productive(albeit low) members of society. The Really smart ones will wake up and Learn from all the free resources around them and abandon Islam entirely, and possibly even get ahead in the rat race. You should welcome these people. With them, even your lowest of readers move up one notch in society by default.

  • zx80

    In response to your first point, Covert policies of uncontrolled immigration enacted by mainly labour politicians ( blair) and other enablers in positions of authority, propped up by left wing controlled meadia can accomplish such a feat, as you well know.
    Just look at the slant in news bulletins from the main players.
    No reports of all the crimes comitted by muslims, because itd not fit the narrative, and you bought into it, hooked like carp in the local cut.
    You cant get an unbiased look at reality if its being carefully edited and dispensed.
    Wake up libby, its not too late for you.

    So the majority of muslims are black……bit racist libbs, since indonesia and other such asian areas have a large muslim following and they aint black bud, yep your own racist tendencies are plainly laid wide open there pal, here i was thinking it was a religious issue and you go make it all about race. Vile twit.

    Groups i have a problem with, lets list them.
    1) Muslims and islam.
    That is all.
    Dont really care about their colour, creed or background, if theyre here to fit in then good.
    Muslims and their religion are here to assimilate us just like the borg, not integrate themselves into our society so yes thats an issue as is your lack of comprehension on the correct terms and where to use them.
    So no, cant see any major issues with the jewish/indian/chinese/japanese/korean/german/french/italian (insert group as appropriate) peoples, your assertion therefore is one borne of ignorance like all leftist twats who think only they have the answers.
    The fact is you have no clue, if a clue came up and smacked you in the mouth and announced, “I am a clue!” youd still miss it, cos to be a left winger is to be mentally ill, Any other view to yours is anathema.

    So you still insist that islam isnt a domineering, power hungry religion whose adherents are NOT attemtping to make others submit to its will?
    Get real or get some meds libs.

    The really smart ones will wake up and learn from all the free resources in the countries theyve ingratiated themselves with and then bring them down from within the political system by getting elected by the ones theyre letting in.
    Dont believe me?
    Get a bucket of water and drop by drop add ink, eventually the water colours up completely and nothing remains of what was originally in the bucket, thats islam for you.
    Get it now? No probably not, youll probably think i was talking about race or somefing….rolleyes.

  • Libtard

    Seems biased. So I guess the…jewish/indian/chinese/japanese/korean/german/french/italian (insert group) are not here to invade/assimilate us.
    All the media is left-wing controlled? That’s seriously biased. That which you disagree with is left-wing controlled, you mean.
    In America, the Right wing are opposed to Education and favor the ignorant, go figure… They also favor the “Christianization” of America and the elimination of Non-Christians including Non-Religions. So you see how that fits together nicely. And look who’s screaming about the media being liars…
    But what do I know, I grew up with Science not Religion.

    I’m saying if these Muslims are so backwards/inbred/low-IQed animals as you say, they will Fail in our society. They’ll be deported, jailed, whatever. So maybe you should focus more on something more productive than worry about the wild critters running around…

    Maybe it’s my Leftie bloodline but I don’t enjoy sitting back and watching women and children die.
    Regardless of their religious or cultural background.

  • zx80

    Ignoring all the other rantings of your last response, lets focus on this one: “Maybe it’s my Leftie bloodline but I don’t enjoy sitting back and watching women and children die.
    Regardless of their religious or cultural background.”

    So what have you done to redress the wrongs youve highlighted in that last paragraph?

    Did you assuage your white guilt by giving money?
    Or marching with Corbyn and his momentum thugs?
    Did you visit Syria/iraq/yemen as a humanitarian aid worker and save a load of kids from the dire situations in all those shitholes?
    Course you didnt. You did what all your type do.
    You sat there, in your moms basement, chewing on your gums, pulling your cock and smoking a joint, surfing the dark net with the rest of your anarchist buddies and trying to change the world, one pathetic rant at a time, driven by a sense of injustice at what the world is, focussing entirely on what the west has and is doing (not all of its right ill give you that) and how to bring it down and make its innocent peoples suffer the same of those already mentioned.

    Youy strike me as a rather tragic and lonely case, looking for attention, im glad to have given you some but since you wont/cant answer questions i cant be arsed with you anymore.

  • Libtard

    I lack the money and resources to do most of those things. What have You accomplished but breed hate?
    Looking for attention?
    I don’t RUN A BLOG like you, ranting, raving, and condemning people for click-bait pay! So don’t talk!
    Tragic and lonely, I’ll give you that: my family and friends are all dead or gone now. (That’s why I don’t have a mom’s basement–she died of alzheimers and cancer last year, regardless of my sacrifice to doctors and being her only caregiver after surrendering my career and 63k). My neighbors are “snouts in the trough” types you’d only dream of becoming.
    You’re right though: no more questions. No more answers. You have your own cult here and I’ve wasted enough time, and it frankly induces tremors in me.
    My own health is worth more to me than this place. Dropping 35 pounds in a few months and unable to have a medical procedure performed on me due to a legal technicality makes things worse. My heart condition alone and depression are only enhanced by this cheerful place. So emulate Trump now, as if name-calling wasn’t enough, and proclaim that you’ve won.

    And one final thing: I’ve never worked for McDonald’s.

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