June 2017
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Get Trump! Destroy Trump! They’re going to impeach, but are still trying to find a crime!

One of the most alarming attacks on democracy at the moment is happening not in North Korea, not in South Africa and not even in Zimbabwe. They’re all hopeless, worthless basket-cases anyway.

This attack on democracy is happening here in the West, in the USA.

When Trump was elected, the lefty, libtardish Clintonistas couldn’t believe […]

Grenfell Tower and will Corbyn be Prime Minister within a year?

(Weekend blog) In this blog I’d like to explain why I’m thinking of betting all of the £5 to £6, I’ve earned from pitifully and embarrassingly few readers being willing to buy my latest book (Forget the Foreplay), on Jeremy Corbyn being the UK’s Prime Minister within a year.

Here are the main pieces of […]

“Diversity is our ” ha-ha-ha-ha- “strength “ha-ha-ha-ha! “Diversity is…” ha-ha-ha

“Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is…………..”

Oh, sorry. I was busy. I thought that, if I repeated something often enough, I would […]

You won’t believe how stupid most libtards are

The stupidity of lefty libtards

I imagine many people reading this and better websites (breitbart, thereligionofpeace etc) are reasonably sensible. So they probably can’t imagine the extent of the stupidity of the ever-outraged, ever-complaining, ever-twitterstorming lefty libtards who hate the West and are working to destroy Western civilisation.

So, I thought I’d help. Here’s […]

Criminals! Rapists! Murderers! Come to the West! Here you can do what you want!

Fire caused by ‘diversity’?

Firstly, we woke up to hear that a 24-storey high rise block of flats in West London had burnt down. The authorities don’t yet know the cause of the fire. But the clue for me was when a neighbour being interviewed said enthusiastically “it’s a very diverse building”.

But what did […]

My latest book – “FORGET THE FOREPLAY” – is now available

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

Many years ago I toyed with the idea of making a living by writing satirical/humorous novels.

I actually had 3 of my novels published by a mainstream publisher and then disaster struck.

Disaster struck in the form of my 4th book. This book was based on something a girl once said to me. […]

Britain’s yoof destroy their own future

Given all the heat and noise and fury and, above all, misinformation over Thursday’s disastrous election, I thought it worth using my weekend blog to calmly show what went wrong.

This is NOT an attempt to excuse the hapless, misguided Theresa May. But rather I want to show what the result means for the lack […]

Cowardly Britain commits suicide

There’s really not much to say is there?

Britain has voted – for its own destruction:

Last year Britain had the courage to defy the globalist elites by voting for independence. That courage has now evaporated. Yesterday Britain voted for:

more immigration no control over our borders staying in the undemocratic corrupt, […]

“FORGET THE FOREPLAY! Shove it in!” Coming soon!

I’m rushing to finish off my latest book FORGET THE FOREPLAY!

But here’s an article recommended by a reader which I did use a few years ago and which dares to lay out the tragic mistake the West has made. It was written by a Spanish journalist back in 2005 almost a year after 192 […]

After the NTDWI attacks the crackdown begins – on white Europeans!

These have been a pretty exciting few days for us Westerners. On Saturday there was the London attack which had nothing to do with Izlum (NTDWI) even though the attackers were screaming “this is for Allah” as they butchered innocents with large 12-inch-blade hunting knives.

On Sunday or Monday there was an attack in Melbourne […]