July 2024

Is European civil war inevitable?

I attach below an excerpt from a Paul Weston article written just over 10 years ago (in March 2007) and a link to a recent Paul Weston video explaining how he thinks a European civil war will develop.

Dear PC Plod, I am not advocating violence or civil war or waacissm or hate crimes. I am merely presenting a point of view about future developments in Europe which is as valid as many other points of view. It’s up to readers to decide if that point of view seems at all prophetic or realistic or is just a crazed fantasy.

Here’s the excerpt:

Islamic terrorist activity is being constantly thwarted by European intelligence services, but over the next ten years some of these Jihadists will slip through the net and carry out their next very large atrocity. Although most Europeans are still in a deep liberal sleep regarding Islam, this will not last. By 2017 the tensions between Europeans and Islam will have become nerve jangling. Impotent officials will employ ever-stricter government controls in a futile attempt to preserve the façade of societal order.

Somewhere between 2017 and 2030, during a period of heightened tension, Islamists in France, Holland or Britain will blow up one church, train or plane too many. Retaliation will begin and they, in turn will respond. So will the spiral begin.

The police are unable to cope now; they will be even less prepared then. The army will be drafted in, and members of the military who are even willing to carry out orders against their neighbours will find themselves massively outnumbered and outflanked. Civilians will be massacred. And so begins the civil war.

When the violence reaches a tipping point every person — be they moderate or extremist in their views — will be forced to take sides in this war. There will be no bystanders, and no civilians. Moderate Muslims will in all likelihood take the sides of the extremists. This war will resemble none of Europe’s previous conflicts, with their standing armies massed along clearly delineated lines. In the coming conflagration, it will initially be civilians, armed not with tanks and machine guns, but with knives, bombs and terror, who will call out the dogs of war.

I say “initially” because although the army will be of little use in the beginning, it will certainly be capable of forming an impregnable line behind which the native Europeans, unused to knife fighting, will flee and re-group.

And then, enter America — as always— Europe’s saviour. Whilst Europe’s navies blockade the ports, America will deliver technical weaponry to the organised Europeans, weaponry against which Islam will have no response. Whilst they are being annihilated in response to the butchery they carried out in the early days of the war, Muslim countries such as Pakistan and Iran will threaten a nuclear response. If they do, they too will be annihilated.

Such is the future brought about by multicultural liberals. Not only will they be responsible for bloodshed unseen even in the last century, they will also be responsible for the extinction of Islam. In 1907 no one could see the coming carnage, whereas in 2007 all educated people with some knowledge of history can see the inevitable. Quite how large this war becomes is of course beyond any prediction. However, it will not be limited to a merely European conflict. Our civil war could well become a global nuclear war against Islam; and one the Islamists have no hope of winning.

Such a scenario is unimaginable to the vapid multiculturalists, but it is their actions, past and present, which will bring about this nightmare. One can hardly blame Islam for wishing to dominate the world, but one can certainly blame liberals for giving them the geographical means and ideological confidence whereby they feel confident that it is actually possible. Will they attempt it? On a small scale, with their ratio of 18:1 they are attempting it now. How do you think they will behave with a ratio of 5:1 let alone 2:1?

The liberal response to an essay such as this is to make accusations of hysteria and paranoia. To those, I would say only one thing: rather than leave sneering one line comments, give us a thousand word, closely reasoned article explaining why the scenario outlined above is not likely. Use reality-based arguments rather than simply repeating outmoded ideology.

As much as I wish you could present such a case against my scenario, I believe the war is inevitable, and it will be a tragedy for the West, for Islam, and for all of mankind.

3 comments to Is European civil war inevitable?

  • david brown

    A key factor is demographics. Enoch Powell on TV said on a number of occasions that immigration would lead to a state of or bordering on civil war. When the native people found they wear ceasing to be the majority.
    I live in Croatia. Before it was Yugoslavia a key factor in its break up the Muslims, moderate as it goes, had higher birth rates than the Serbs and started to outnumber them.
    The Muslim population of England doubles via higher birth rates and immigration every eleven years. Its now equal to the population of Wales but mostly concentrated in major towns and parts of major cities in England.
    France for historic reasons forbids the collection of ethnic or affiliated to a religion statistics but the situation regarding many of its towns and cities must involve greater numbers than our own.

  • Brillo

    A resounding yes and it will not be us old farts that have to fight but the 20 somethings that call us racists, even though religion is not a race. By the way David I bought your book, hopefully it’s in the post.

  • zx80

    It requires that those people who do not wish to live under the rule of muslims and their pernicious religion do one of 3 things: Fight, do nothing, Leave.

    Either way, unless our supreme overlords wake up its going to get very bloody indeed, and it really is all their fault, i reckon theyll be able to live with the consequences of their actions though, theyve shown a remarkable ability to do just that over the years.
    Omlettes, eggs and all that.

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