September 2016
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Obama: “Let them kill the Christians – I don’t give a damn!”

The Sunni invasion

I wonder who planted the latest three bombs in the US? Could it be people from USA-hating Hussein Obama’s invading Msl*m army?

Of course, Obama claims he’s a Christian. So let’s compare how Obama’s administration treats Christians to how they treat M*sl*ms.

Before the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, 74% of […]

British girl flees to Spain to escape RoP rapists

(Snouts-in-the-trough – a daily blog that is heavily self-censored to avoid the writer being killed by those who get violent when they feel they are being offended. Welcome to the new Britain)

Here’s a news story about life in today’s Britain that should cheer you up this weekend:

The family of a “lovely” 13-year-old […]

Wanna grow your economy? Then import the Third World!

(Snouts-in-the-trough – a daily blog that is heavily self-censored to avoid the writer being killed by those who get violent when they feel they are being offended. Welcome to the new Britain)

I noticed a couple of possibly interesting figures this week:

Angela ‘Mad Cow’ Merkel’s invitation to the whole of the Middle East to […]

Do you really believe this is not an invasion?

Dementia day for me. But in the meantime here’s a video of an invasion that our rulers claim is not an invasion.

Who do you believe? Our rulers? Or your own eyes?

Can you spot the differences? Our rulers can’t!

We’ve seen quite a split in the European Union over the last year. The split has been between those countries like Germany, France and Britain (which have enthusiastically thrown open their doors to the migrant invasion and given the invaders homes, healthcare and money) and East European countries (which have seen that the migrant army, […]

Immigration is good for you! Isn’t it?

The ‘net migration’ con

Our politicians love to use ‘net migration’ figures when discussing the level (tsunami?) of migration into Britain. ‘Net migration’, of course, consists of taking the number of people moving to Britain and then subtracting the number leaving. Net migration is currently running at around 360,000 a year – about 30,000 more […]

Today, I have a modern-day moral dilemma for you

Today, with people living ever longer and no sign of a cure for dementia in sight, I thought I’d pose a modern-day moral dilemma for you.

Imagine a widow in her early nineties. She has increasing dementia and has difficulty remembering what day it is even when using a simple diary. Also she can no […]

My child, want an easy life? Want a big salary? Then work for a charity!

(Weekend blog) Regular readers will know that I recently wrote a short book, THE GREAT CHARITY SCANDAL, about Britain’s bloated, self-serving, £80bn-a-year charity industry with its 196,000+ charities full of over-paid, over-pensioned executives and hundreds of thousands of pointless managers doing well-salaried non-jobs.

While doing the book, I came across a wonderful section of the […]

Beware estate agents, comparison websites and insurance brokers

A couple of years ago, I published a book DON’T BUY IT! about the tricks and traps salespeople use to take our money from us. Sadly most of my readers seem to have taken the title literally and didn’t buy it. That’s a pity really as in it I show how people like estate agents, […]

The most important message you can give to the young?

As we know, most young people are keen to stay in the ‘freedom of movement’, ‘unlimited immigration’ EU. We also know that the majority of under-25s strongly support allowing more migrants into Britain.

So, here are probably the most important charts you could ever show our progressive, liberal, rapefugee-welcoming youth:

These charts […]