July 2024

Obama: “Let them kill the Christians – I don’t give a damn!”

The Sunni invasion

I wonder who planted the latest three bombs in the US? Could it be people from USA-hating Hussein Obama’s invading Msl*m army?

Of course, Obama claims he’s a Christian. So let’s compare how Obama’s administration treats Christians to how they treat M*sl*ms.

Before the outbreak of the Syrian civil war, 74% of the Syrian population were Sunnis, 13% were Shias, 10% Christians and 3% were Druze.

Oh, and incidentally, all these different groups lived in peace until the West decided that it would follow its ‘successes’ in Iraq and Egypt installing democracy in the Middle East by toppling John Kerry’s former chum – Syria’s President Assad:


Taking the latest available figures, of the 6,726 total Syrian refugee arrivals in the USA up till July 2016 2016, 6,625 (98.4 percent) were Sunnis and 23 (0.3 percent) were Christians – including 15 described simply as “Christian,” five Catholics, two Orthodox and one Greek Orthodox adherent.

The remaining 78 (1.1 percent) comprised 49 refugees described in the data simply as “M*sl*m,” 17 Shi’a M*sl*ms (0.002%), 10 Yazidis, one of “no religion” and one “other religion.

A couple of points:

1. Which M*sl*m group formed *sl*mic State? The Sunnis. Which M*sl*m group is the most anti-Western? The Sunnis. Which M*sl*m group formed the vast majority of Syrian supposed ‘refugees’ admitted to America? The Sunnis. Although Sunnis made up just 74% of the Syrian population, they made up 98.4% of Syrian supposed ‘refugees’ welcomed by Obama into America. Oooops! I suspect the USA will be getting a lot more bombs from Obama’s Sunni army

2. Which religious group is most likely to assimilate into American society? Syrian M*sl*ms or Syrian Christians? Yup, you’re smarter than Obama because you realised the answer was ‘Syrian Christians’. Christians made up around 10% of the Syrian population before the war. Yet Christians were only 0.3% of Syrian refugees allowed into America.

USA-loathing Obama seems to be ‘doing a Merkel’ – importing as many West-hating, inbred, violent, backwards, illiterate, unemployable morons as possible while keeping out those who would assimilate into and benefit Western society.

Persecution of Christians

One of the problems of getting Syrian Christians into the West seems to be that there aren’t too many of them in the refugee camps. There appears to be widespread persecution of Christians in the refugee camps – the men are threatened and beaten, the women and children are raped. And, of course, the ‘humanitarian’ workers from the UN look the other way, just as the British police allowed M*sl*m rape gangs to operate throughout Britain, because to criticise members of the Religion of Peace would be condemned as *sl*mophobic. So, Christians fleeing the fighting in the Syrian civil war are also having to flee the UN-run refugee camps.

But, of course, these issues are never mentioned by the Burkha Broadcasting Corporation or, in fact, any of the mainstream media because to criticise anything about the Religion of Peace would be immediately branded as *sl*mophobic.

And so the persecution and slaughter of the Middle East’s Christians continues as our Christian-hating rulers look away.

8 comments to Obama: “Let them kill the Christians – I don’t give a damn!”

  • MGJ

    The mainstream media has gone even further this time in self-censoring the attacks in America.

    Not only was it NTTWI (despite ISIS claimimg it was and the perpetrator screamimg the usual battlecry AND inquiring of people’s religion before stabbing them) but apparently is wasn’t terrorism either. Shooting, bombing and stabbing is part of normal daily life it seems.

    Also predictably the media expends huge resources trying to blame Trump and completely ignores the victims, who seem to have been completely forgotten about.

  • AtheistAmerican

    Leave Obama alone.
    If not for him then it would have been any other president (notably Republican) to meddle with the Arab maniacs…

    What’s to blame for the entire situation in the Middle East is the mental illness called ISLAM. Period.

    Take one dick-tator down, he’d be replaced with another one. All think Allah picked Him to Rule the people of the one-true god.
    Sharia Law will Always be imposed.

    They can’t be reformed until Islam is stamped out once and for all.

    As for Muslims in this country, Obama is simply being humanitarian. He also (unlike others, namely Trump) doesn’t want to start a Civil War in America. Obama certainly doesn’t want to go down in history as the president who did so during his final term in office.
    You declare war on Islam with countless Muslims living in the country, how do you think that would go down?
    You’d have killings every week if not every day.
    Presidents are supposed to keep the peace. Obama does an adequate job by Not provoking, which is what stable presidents are supposed to do.

    Trump is out for Himself only. He’ll tell the masses what they Want to hear. As in Trump being The Only Person who can save America. You believe that then you’re being Played by him. I understand Right Wing Authoritarianism better than most people on here.

  • David Brown

    Mr Atheist American -inspired by Origin Of The Species , Hitler , Stalin and Mao deposed of a large number of people.
    Other people such as HG Wells advocated a one world Government.As backed by Soros and advocated by Dawkins.
    Obama , Hilary and much of the Main Stream Media want large scale none European mass immigration in order to deconstruct the Historic American nation.
    The British Labour Party intentional set in process large scale non European immigration with the specific intention of change the identity of the nation by changing the population.

  • AtheistAmerican

    Yeah, bring up the old list of big baddies. That settles everything, right? You also forgot to mention Saddam.
    You’re forgetting reality though: the U.S. Economy is doing great, jobs are coming back, gas is lower than ever, etc. But an asshole like Trump can’t run with that so he invents his own reality that 180 degrees opposite.
    Try some Fact checking. Hell, thinking people are coming to the conclusion that Trump likes a good 60% of the time he opens his mouth (some big doozies, too, like Obama being a Muslim plan born in Africa and creating ISIS and being the mastermind behind all shootings in the nation–you believe this, you’ll believe in the worst of David Icke!). Hillary meanwhile only lies about 30% of the time. Again, bring on the fact-checkers. If you dare. Trump’s a sleazebag who uses intimidation, threats, bullying, and money to get his way. It’s his History. But he Pays the media to keep their mouths shut about this and being a Celebrity he gets Free publicity and has an automatic advantage in this politics game, because it’s never happened before.

    Finally, I’m American. I’ve lived here my entire life. I’ve studied Trump from afar and have watched the political system shift and shutter all around me. I’m not some Brit who claims to know all about the U.S. gov.

    Incidentally, even old President Bush, Sr. has come out and said he’ll vote for Clinton and not for Trump. Like, WTF!

    And to get back on topic, Muslim immigration is just One factor in this U.S. election. All immigrants are vetted, which can take a year or more each. But, oh yeah, according to Trump it doesn’t exist. Again, Always consider your Sources and where they get Their info from…in many cases they can just make shit up.
    Trump’s always making shit up, like how Hillary Clinton started the Birther Movement!!! The bigger the lies the more impact they’ll have and the more the gullible are likely to believe them… That’s more or less paraphrasing what Hitler said long ago.

    Anyway, okay, you’re Pres of the U.S. Our Constitution declarers Freedom of Religion. What are you going to do? Change the Constitution and add another amendment saying that Islam’s Out. How many killings and riots do you think would erupt overnight from that sweet act? Would you like that blood on your hands?

  • AtheistAmerican

    And finally, by the way, the “Let them kill the Christians – I don’t give a damn!” quote which heads this thread. To the best of my knowledge, Obama never said that, so you’re guilty of putting false words in his mouth. That’s debating in very poor taste, kicking off a thread with a lie. But it Is worthy of Donald Trump and his tactics. Such as claiming that Hillary Clinton started this “birther” movement after Trump clearly started it it and Kept It Alive For Over 5 Fucking Years. In another time in American history, Trump would have been locked up for Low Treason…

    But he’s a Reality Show Star so he gets away with it…

    Not particularly fair, is it. No more than his claim that Obama and Hillary created ISIS or that Obama was “directly responsible” for various shootings in America (almost implying that he loaded the guns or supplied them).

    I’m just sick and tired of this ignorance and BS spiraling out of control.

  • David Craig

    My American friend. There is the cliche – “action speaks louder than words”. And with politicians, who lie for a living, this is especially true. Obama’s actions – importing a Tsunami of Muslims while turning a blind eye to the persecution of Christians in Pakistan and the Middle East tells us what his attitude is

  • AtheistAmerican

    Read my links.
    Trump isn’t the solution. He’s a fast-talking sleaze artist out for himself, telling people what they Want to hear. I can just see him taking bribes from Arabs to change his big, loud principles If paid enough.
    Hilly Clinton is at least rational, intelligent, and has far more integrity than Trump–If you care to actually research Trump’s past of bullying and threatening workers, not paying them, under-paying them, and generally getting his way and only his way to further that sick, narcissistic complex. I mean, for crying out loud, for 5 years he’s being leading this Birther movement–he has a news conference to squirm out of hit which is a half hour joke of a) advertising his new hotel, and b) having retired Republican generals line up and Kiss His Ass on-air…until finally for 30 seconds he says “Hillary started the Birther movement…I’m finishing it. Obama was born in the United States.” End! No reporter interviews. That’s it!

    He playing Americans for fools. And you know what, they’re Buying it!

    I’d also sooner trust Hillary with the big guns than Trump–who’s easily intimidated and played (just like our Governor Chris Christie–who kissed Trump’s ass to no end: getting even with people is a favorite pasttime–but it has no place Globally, with other countries!). Trump could very well start WWIII. All it takes is some ambassador to give him the finger–a President Trump would retaliate. Maybe you call that “leadership”–I’ve worked under many bosses and supervisors who think being “tough” (kicking a worker Until he does his work, even if he’s sick or handicapped) is The Solution.

    So you see, “Migrants” is but one tiny issue of this big picture. But America is waking up and Mooslims are being scrutinized very carefully. Sooner or later they’ll get theirs and it need not be under a President Trump (a guy who wouldn’t give a damn if a civil war broke out here with thousands of people dying–so long as he got the Attention Fix a super-narcissist enjoys, out of it!).

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