July 2024

Can you spot the differences? Our rulers can’t!

We’ve seen quite a split in the European Union over the last year. The split has been between those countries like Germany, France and Britain (which have enthusiastically thrown open their doors to the migrant invasion and given the invaders homes, healthcare and money) and East European countries (which have seen that the migrant army, most of whom come from a certain religion/death cult, represent a threat to European civilisation).

So, how have things been going recently in these two groups of countries?

Well, here are some stories, just from the first few days of September:

Countries that welcome the migrant invasion:

Germany – Three Syrian men believed to have been sent to Germany last year by the Islamic State group as a possible “sleeper cell” were arrested in raids on Tuesday, part of efforts to root out extremists sent to Europe amid the migrant influx, authorities said.

Prosecutors identified the suspects only as Mahir Al-H., 17, Mohamed A., 26, and Ibrahim M., 18, in keeping with German privacy rules.

Britain – Police searching a car linked to an alleged Muslim terror gang found a meat cleaver with the word ‘kaffir’ – meaning unbeliever – carved on the handle, a court heard today. They also recovered guns and bullets in a bag found in the car, the court was told.

Four men appeared in court today charged with plotting to commit a terrorist act in Britain. Naweed Ali, 28, Khobaib Hussain, 24, both of Sparkhill, Birmingham, Mohibur Rahman, 31, and Tahir Aziz, 37, both of Stoke on Trent were charged on Thursday


France – Three women arrested over suspected plot to blow up a car filled with gas canisters near the tourist attraction Notre Dame. One of the women stabbed a policeman while they were being taken into custody.

Those charged with involvement in a terrorist conspiracy were named as Ines Madani, 19, Sarah Hervouet, 23, and Amel Sakaou, 39.

Then the month before and the month before and the month before, you’ll find plenty more similar stories.

Countries that don’t welcome the migrant invasion:

Hungary – nobody arrested for suspected terrorist plots, no terrorist attacks

Poland – nobody arrested for suspected terrorist plots, no terrorist attacks

All Eastern Europe – nobody arrested for suspected terrorist plots, no terrorist attacks


Can you see any differences between the countries which have welcomed the invading armies and countries which have closed their borders?

Our rulers can’t.

2 comments to Can you spot the differences? Our rulers can’t!

  • MGJ

    If the likes of Putin are smart and take a long view, I think their countries could have a good future. It seems likely that much of Europe will end up in civil war somewhere between Yugoslavia and a full-on Rwanda thus creating a whole new wave of refugees.

    However this time it will be tens of millions of high IQ, educated, law abiding people with compatible cultural values wanting to escape the dystopia their governments have created. Russia is not short of land and rather than being an unending economic drain, such people would be self supporting and provide a huge economic boost.

    An alternative is just to put up a wall and laugh but – love him or loathe him – Putin in particular does seem to be smarter than that.

  • John Fields

    I am waiting for the day that will never happen.
    Total ban on Muslim immigration.
    Deportation of all Muslims who preach sedition, and those who will not live within
    the framework of English common law.

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