January 2023
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Immigration is good for you! Isn’t it?

The ‘net migration’ con

Our politicians love to use ‘net migration’ figures when discussing the level (tsunami?) of migration into Britain. ‘Net migration’, of course, consists of taking the number of people moving to Britain and then subtracting the number leaving. Net migration is currently running at around 360,000 a year – about 30,000 more people in Britain every single month.

But there is another figure which may be more indicative of the massive invasion of our country which our rulers have allowed – the level of national Insurance (NI) numbers issued to people born abroad. Last year this was around 860,000 – a slightly more worrying 72,000 people a month – more than 2,000 every single day. That’s an awful lot of new people to house, police and look after.

And these figures don’t include the thousands or tens of thousands of illegal immigrants who pour into Britain every years from places like the Jungle in Calais.

The quality issue

Another problem with our rulers’ figures are that they don’t give any indication of the types of people arriving in and leaving Britain every year. Around 20,000 Brits retire abroad each year. So, who are the other people leaving our country? I found this in a government report “A large and increasing proportion of British citizens emigrating from the UK are those from professional or managerial occupations and this may have implications for the availability of skills in the UK. Almost one-half (48%) of British emigrants were previously in professional or managerial roles”.

Ooops! These are not really the kind of people a country should be losing

And who are the people coming to Britain? About half are from Eastern Europe and the bankrupt Club Med countries. They are flooding into to our country for the jobs that have been lost in their own countries due to the catastrophic 50% youth unemployment that is common in large parts of the failing, corrupt, collapsing EU. The rest are, well, how to say this politely? It is not certain that many of the other migrants will make a great contribution to our nation:

we've ruined our countries

Spot the odd one/ones out?

And finally, here are four posters celebrating immigration to Britain. But can you spot the one/ones telling the truth and the one/ones which are propaganda?






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  • David Brown

    A figure from Trevor Philips – 50% per cent of adult male Muslim’s are unemployed. Of course the will be collecting benefits (JSA -Jihad Seekers Allowance )as well as done other things to collect money.
    Another figure that is interesting is what is the real population of England? Over a decade ago The Independent run an article claiming the true population of the UK was closer to 80 million. The current population of Germany which is twice the size.The Independent based the population figure on statistics produced by food manufactures and supermarket chains.

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