June 2024

Our capitulation is gradual, but irreversible

I have been musing on the extent to which we in the West have capitulated to the Ropper (followers of the Religion of Peace) invasion.

Here are just a few of the areas where we have ceded ground to a completely alien culture that refuses to assimilate, that refuses to accept our values and where every concession we make just encourages further demands and where our tolerance has just encouraged their intolerance:

cultural suicide

*sl*mophobia: We have allowed a new crime to be invented which protects those who wish to harm us and prevents any criticism of them

Halal meat: Food labels on much of our food contain so much information that only a specialist can understand them. But, for fear of being accused of the made-up crime of *sl*mophobia, our politicians refuse to force our food manufacturers to list whether the meat we are sold has been slaughtered in a humane way or using the horrific Halal method

Establishment cave-in: The fact that the RSPCA says and does nothing about the cruelty of Halal slaughter is just one of almost countless examples of the way the Establishment has caved in to Ropper sensibilities while enthusiastically acting against indigenous Brits seen to be acting in any way that displeases our rulers

Oppression of women: The Establishment and holier-than-thou self-appointed moral leaders scream and shout at any supposed incident of sexism against women. But they are totally silent about the widespread and clearly evident oppression of women in the Ropper community

Police inaction: The rape, sodomisation and torture of perhaps 20,000 underage British girls by Ropper rape gangs was ignored for 15 to 20 years because the police were afraid of being branded *sl*mophobic. And even now, less than thirty of thousands of Ropper rapists have been investigated, charged and convicted

Sharia courts: There are an estimated 80 Sharia courts in the UK dispensing justice in the Ropper community, not only bypassing British Law, but often going completely against British Law. Our politicians and legal establishment say and do nothing

Polygamy: We have allowed tens of thousands of Ropper men to take several wives and we pay eye-wateringly generous benefits to all those wives and their many children even though their marriages are theoretically illegal under British Law

Paedophilia: We allow Ropper men to marry underage girls in their countries of origin and then bring them to Britain as their legal wives. According to British Law these men are committing rape every time they have sex with their underage wives. The British politicians, police and social services say and do nothing

Censorship: It is almost impossible to say or write anything in the mainstream media criticising the Religion of Peace. And now London’s new Ropper Mayor has decided to ban any sexually suggestive advertising in the capital on the pretext that it could offend women. But we all know his real reason for banning it – it might offend Roppers. This ‘British’ gentleman is also spending millions of our money setting up a special Metropolitan Police unit to search the Internet for potential *sl*mophobic comments

We are at war and we are losing

Truth is the first casualty: Hiram Johnson (1866-1945) – a Progressive Republican senator in California said, ‘The first casualty, when war comes, is truth’ during World War 1. We are at war. An alien culture is slowly but surely conquering us but our rulers lie. They lie about the level of immigration. They lie about the level of crime in the Ropper community. They lie about the nature and aims of the Religion of Peace. They lie about the massive economic and social cost of Roppers in Britain. And, every time there is a Ropper terror attack, our rulers lie about what happened and lie about the motives of the attackers.

Hundreds of thousands of brave British and Commonwealth troops risked everything in two world wars to preserve our freedom, civilisation and way of life. We are now surrendering these without even putting up a fight.

Shame on our rulers! Shame on us!

3 comments to Our capitulation is gradual, but irreversible

  • John Fields

    You only win a war by being more ruthless than the
    enemy. Examples: In the early months of the war RAF
    bombers dropped leaflets over Germany. By 1945 they
    bombed Dresden into rubble. In the first three years of the war our North Atlantic convoys were decimated during
    the U Boats “Happy time”. By May 1943 hunter killer
    groups would depth charge any U Boat to destruction.
    You want to beat the march of Islam. Then be ruthless.
    Start a gradual deportation of all Muslims, English born
    or otherwise. You need to cut out the whole cancer.

  • David Brown

    The Question is why do Western Governments – actively encourage the Islamic invasion of the West.From Merkel in Germany to Obama and Hilary in the US.
    Its as if the elites and the main stream media having destabilized Iraq, Libya and Syria are intent on doing the same thing to France , England , Germany and so on.Is it some great liberal death wish on the west or an actual plan for evil?

  • AtheistAmerican

    Iraq, Libya, and Syria were ALWAYS DESTABILIZED.
    The curse throughout the entire region is this Stone Age cult called ISLAM. You take any leaders down you want–they’ll all be replaced by another low-I.Q. inbred loser with Allah on his brain 24/7/365.

    Keep Obama and Hillary out of this mess.

    The best thing Any Civilized Country can do is STOP BUYING OIL from these desert savages and allow them to starve to death. Isolate the Arab world from the rest of the planet. Pen them in. Allow them to fuck one another up, murder each other and maybe (just maybe) in a thousand years the survivors of this mess will evolve to the stage when we can re-establish communication and trade with them!

    Really, there’s no other solution to this since they Refuse to assimilate and Refuse to reject their shithead cult of crazies–their “perfect religion” founded by the “perfect human being” Mohammad. And their xenophobic kill, control, or convert infidels compulsion.

    Unless someone grows the balls to nuke Mecca or something…

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