April 2024

“They all acted alone” “They were all mentally unstable”

Australia: A 21-year-old female British backpacker has died after allegedly being stabbed by a French national yelling “Allahu akbar” at a north Queensland hostel.

The 29-year-old French national — who had been in the country since March — was heard to yell “Allahu akbar” before fatally attacking the woman and critically injuring a 30-year-old British male backpacker. A man in his 40s also suffered non life-threatening injuries.

The police reassured the local community that the man was “acting alone” and are now searching for the motive for the attack.

I think we all know what motive the police will come up with!

USA: A man allegedly shouted “Allah Akbar” as he stabbed two victims in Virginia over the weekend..

Wasil Farooqui is accused of wounding a man and woman when he went after them Saturday evening with a knife, authorities said.

The brutal attacker and his two victims — who may have been picked at random — were taken to the hospital after the stabbing.

Farooqui has been on the feds’ radar for a while, and may have journeyed to Turkey and tried sneaking into Syria sometime within the past year.

The FBI have launched an investigation into the attacker’s motives.

I think we all know what motive the FBI will come up with!

Belgium: A woman in M*sl*m dress attacked three people with a machete in a suburb of Brussels.

Police have shot and wounded the woman – who reportedly attacked two people on a bus before wounding another nearby in the Belgian capital.

She refused to stand down so police opened fire, according to local media, shooting her in the arm.

The woman reportedly stabbed one person in the stomach, and one in the back on the bus before fleeing to a nearby shopping gallery.

Police sources have revealed that the woman was Asian (Chinese? Korean? Thai?) and “had a history of mental illness“.

Detectives do not believe this was a terrorist incident.

Britain: Do you remember a couple of years ago when a body builder who had converted to *sl*m beheaded an elderly neighbour? If my memory serves me correctly, the police investigation concluded that the murderer had “acted alone” and was “mentally unstable“.

Switzerland: And what about the man who set fire to and stabbed people on a train? The police know how old the man was but will only confirm that he had a Swiss name (Franz? M*h*mmed? Ali? Abdul?). We haven’t heard any more about this man’s motives.


Acting alone? No they were responding to *sl*mic videos on the Internet exhorting M*sl*ms across Europe to stab, beat, run over and use any other methods to injure and kill us infidels.

Mentally unstable? Perhaps a certain supposed religion which demands that its followers conquer the world to establish a new Caliphate and kill anyone who doesn’t submit to their rule is actually a form of mental illness?

3 comments to “They all acted alone” “They were all mentally unstable”

  • AtheistAmerican

    OK, the thing is: What Do You Do About It?
    Islam is classified as a Religion and the theist loons in This country Run It. In fact, Atheists are damned as being Evil Doers and treated worse than Mooslims.
    Yet these a-holes WANT MORE FREEDOM OF RELIGION and think that it only applies to Xtians, thinking that if More freedom is given to the Christers all will be better–not knowing that it applies to All religions including a particular OCD religion not too far removed from the Stone Age in which non-members are treated like animals…

    A guy like me who speaks up against Islam is called an Islamophobe which “logically” follows is also a Racist and an Evil-doer enemy of God out to subvert American society and convert it into a Communist State, blah blah blah…

  • John Fields

    These individual attacks are becoming more frequent.
    When are western governments going to admit that they
    are in a full scale war. Once again it is the ordinary
    citizen who is facing the attacks. They are paying the price for a western foreign policy that has gone
    disasterously wrong. Does the picture prove that
    USA, UK, French and Saudi bombs do not kill little

  • NoMore

    What is particularly annoying is when they refer to the terrorist as a Frenchman as if a cyclist in stripes with onions dangling round his neck suddenly got a little excitable with the Sabatier. Muslim with a French passport is closer to the reality.

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