July 2024

What will we cowards concede to the invaders next?

Following on from yesterday’s blog about the concessions we have already made as we surrender our country to the invading armies, I was wondering what concessions we will now make to a community that refuses to integrate, refuses to assimilate, refuses to accept our values and freedoms, loathes us and our way of life and seeks to dominate and oppress us:concessions

Here are just a few first ideas. By clicking on the title, you can add some more.

Polygamy: Using the excuse that Mandelsonians and Claire Baldings are able to marry people with the same genitalia as themselves, the Roppers will demand that polygamy should also be legalised on the basis that it is more natural than same-sex marriages

Conquering our inner cities: Our friends from the Religion of Tolerance and Peace only make up about 8% of the population. However, in many of our inner cities, M*sl*ms are already over 30% and will soon be in a majority given continued uncontrolled immigration, their high birth rate and accelerating white flight. The M*sl*m block vote plus widespread voting fraud will ensure most of our cities have M*sl*m councils and M*sl*m mayors. This will lead to bans on some forms (sexually provocative) of advertising, restriction on alcohol sales, restrictions on gambling, *sl*misation of schools and colleges and no-go areas for the police and emergency services

Submission of the police: In our cities, we will see further manipulation of policing services to serve the M*sl*m community and oppress indigenous Brits. Instead of stopping or catching real criminals, police chiefs will be increasingly made aware that their role is to clamp down on supposed *sl*mophobic ‘hate crimes’ and to protect M*sl*ms’ rights to free speech

Churches to mosques: Ever more of our empty churches will be handed over by our Church of England moral eunuchs (no doubt completely free) to M*sl*m religious organisations to be turned into mosques and *sl*mic centres

Ethnic cleansing: Also in our inner cities, we will see M*sl*m gangs terrorising the few remaining indigenous British residents forcing them to move away and thus accelerating the *sl*mic takeover

These are just some of the things we can expect over the next few years.

Interesting times ahead!!!

2 comments to What will we cowards concede to the invaders next?

  • AtheistAmerican

    Then by all means, please tell us, HOW DO WE FIGHT THESE SAVAGE ASSHOLE INVADERS?

    I’m practically on a “police watch list” for so much as opening my mouth against Them!

    (Then again I think I already was before I opened my mouth, just for being a fucking Atheist!)

  • NoMore

    Not much in the Netherlands if Geert Wilders wins next year. He is proposing a complete ban on mosques and on the Koran (agree with the former but the latter I feel it would be better to ban the Koran in Arabic but allow it in Dutch and English so sunlight can be shone on its hatefulness, intolerance and evil. The idea of Islum needs to be killed off in the enlightened West at least. And stop importing more of the buggers.

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