August 2016
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It has been a pretty quiet few days, hasn’t it?

As far as I remember, there haven’t been too many attacks by our friends from the Religion of Peace for over a week. Well, at least not a lot have been reported. Although there were a few bangs in the Land of Smells.

Meanwhile, we’ve heard nothing more about the ethnicity of a man (with […]

Carney desperately tries to cause ‘Brexit recession’

You’ll remember how, before the Brexit vote, Mark ‘Goldman Sachs’ Carney – the overpaid, over-promoted Governor of the Bank of England – sycophantically joined his boss (George Osborne’s) Project Fear to scare us into voting to stay in the corrupt, undemocratic, wasteful, economically-stagnant, failing EU.

Mr Goldman Sachs (sorry, I meant ‘Mr Carney’) warned us […]

Why Arab TV is much more lively than the BBC

Away today. However, for you enlightenment and education, here is a short video of some of our friends from the Religion of Peace getting along like a house on fire. Peace be upon you:

How to be really politically correct

In today’s increasingly politically-correct world, some people may be confused about what they should be approving and what should send them into paroxysms of social-media-inspired fury and outrage.

After all, the slightest deviation from the new religion of political correctness can lead to a Twitterstorm that can destroy your reputation, career and even life.

So, […]

Perhaps the fat Palestinians should run around a bit more?

I wanted to write about Mark ‘Goldman Sachs’ Carney’s desperate attempts to punish us for voting for Brexit by driving the UK economy into recession.

But a reader spotted this – the Palestinians, supposedly being blockaded and starved by those ‘nasty’ Israelis, are among some of the fattest people in the world:


“Israeli genocide” leads to? Lots more Palestinians!

The lefties and progressives sometimes get carried away in their hatred of successful, democratic, multi-religious Israel and accuse the Israelis of ‘genocide’ against the Palestinians.

So, let’s just check a couple of things. When our Turkish friends murdered one and a half million Christian Armenians a century ago, the population of Armenians fell dramatically and […]

More bang, bang, bang for the rouble

You’ve probably seen a story yesterday about how the Russian military outguns the British. Russia, with a population of 143 million, has the fourth largest defence budget in the world spending about $65.6bn a year. Britain, with a population of somewhere between 65 million and 70 million, comes in at number five with $56.2bn spent […]

The ‘New Swiss’ love under-age girls. So do the ‘New Brits’.

I guess there are two kinds of Swiss – the ones who have been living there for generations and the new arrivals from some of the world’s more ‘exotic’ countries.

Anyway, as the number of immigrants into Switzerland has increased so have the number of forced under-age marriages.

In Switzerland, the number of forced under-age […]

What can be more charming than a little girl playing with her favourite doll?

Anyone who thinks there is a difference between how M*sl*m children are brought up and how other children are brought up, just needs to watch this short (54 seconds), wonderful, heart-warming, life-enhancing video.

It shows a little Arab girl playing with one of her dolls while singing a popular children’s song.

Awwww – isn’t she […]

British police – can you spot the difference?

I realise my readers are very busy people and may not have time to read long stories. So, today here’s a very quick quiz:

Can you spot the difference between these two photos?

The first one is from a time – the 1960s – when there were very few followers of the Religion of Peace […]