June 2024

We were fooled in the 1975 EU Referendum! Please, don’t get fooled again!!!

In the 1975 EU Referendum, we were told we were just part of a “Common Market”. They lied to us.

The “Common Market” became the “European Community” and then the “European Community” became the “European Union”  as part of a massive political project whereby the European elites grabbed ever more power for themselves as they built their dream – one massive, corrupt, undemocratic Superstate, the United States of Europe.

The elites lied to us then. They are lying to us now as they try to frighten us into submission.

Below is a video of Labour’s Peter Shore warning us in 1975 to leave the EU and to regain control over our country.

It seems nothing has changed during the last 41 years. The Remain campaign is still using “fear, fear, fear” to cower us into servile obedience to our rulers and trick us into handing control of our country to corrupt, self-serving bureaucrats under the control of Germany.

Please, don’t get fooled again!

What Shore said in 1975 is as relevant today as it was then.

We must vote LEAVE! This is our last chance for freedom!

Make today “Independence Day”! Vote LEAVE!

The video is only about 3 minutes long and is worth watching to the end:



4 comments to We were fooled in the 1975 EU Referendum! Please, don’t get fooled again!!!

  • NoMore

    He could have made that speech yesterday and with updated figures would have been just as relevant today. Same establishment lies and fearmongering. Course there is far more to play for now than in 1975 where mass Musl!m and Third World invasion was barely thought of.

    If the fools, who on the one hand complain they can only get zero hours contract jobs and will never be able to own a home or get social housing, and on the other cheerlead for mass immigration and rally for the globalists, vote us all in to stay then they deserve everything coming down the pipe to them.

    I’m so excited about the prospect of a free independent UK again out in the world making our own trade deals again – we would soar like a bird. Let’s pray it comes to pass – if not, Ukip 2020!

  • Tommy Atkins

    On the 21st. of October 1805 ,Nelson sent a message to his outgunned and outnumbered fleet before the Battle Of Trafalgar.

    “England expects that every man will do his duty”

    In the Royal Navy that Day ,there were sailors not only from all over Britain but from 22 Nations of Europe including Frenchmen fighting for freedom, sailors from the West Indies too.There were women and sailors as young as 10 years of age on board fighting in the Royal Navy.
    To free Europe from Tyranny, Nelson gave his life that day , many sailors were killed or maimed many losing all their limbs.
    All you have to do is vote to ensure our freedom and to set the scene for the rest of the European Nations to free themselves.
    The implications of this day are every bit as profound as was that day at Trafalagar .All you have to do is vote for Freedom,vote to leave the EU today and free Britain.

  • David Brown

    All the Muslims in England are going to vote remain . Ask yourself why?

  • JFC

    Sadly there are many who were not around to be fooled in 1975 and so they are falling for the dirty tricks again.

    I’ve voted and can do no more – so we will have to wait and see.

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