July 2024

Britain liberates Europe from totalitarianism – yet again!

Today I don’t know what to write.

With the whole worldwide establishment – useless windbag Obama, the repulsive George Soros, plundering Goldman Sachs, rotten JP Morgan, Goldmans Sachs’ Mark Carney, Adolf Merkel, Dr Strangelove Schauble etc etc – threatening Britain with disaster if we dared vote for freedom, the British people once again stood tall and defied the forces of totalitarianism. We (apart from the benefits-dependent Scots and Northern Irish, of course) voted for freedom!

In this extraordinary battle between David (ordinary people) versus Goliath (the establishment elites), the score seems to be David – 1: Goliath – 0.

By voting for freedom, we’ve given a lead to ordinary people across Europe. We’ve given them an example that they too can dare to defy their lying, self-serving rulers and break free of sclerotic, stifling EU ‘animal farm’ totalitarian control:


Watch with joy as people across Europe follow our lead in demanding their freedom from economic and political oppression.

I’d like to congratulate my small band of readers. Hopefully we all did our bit to move the vote towards escaping the toxic oppression of corrupt, wasteful Brussels bureaucrats controlled by a German attempt at creating a Fourth Reich.

But now we need to watch our rulers like hawks. We voted for freedom. But will they give it to us? Or will they find ways to punish us worthless plebs for our insolence and disobedience? Will they find ways of blocking our escape from the EUSSR? Will they force us to vote again and again till we get the “right answer” as they have done in other countries?

We voted for freedom. But sadly the battle for freedom is just beginning. Our rulers will try every trick they can think of to deny us our liberation.

But at least today we can celebrate. Once again Britain has started to liberate Europe from becoming just a part of an oppressive, undemocratic new German empire.


19 comments to Britain liberates Europe from totalitarianism – yet again!

  • Tommy Atkins

    Oh excellent news, what a relief:)

  • NoMore


    Thank you Nigel!

  • Tommy Atkins

    “Now It’s Our Turn” – Geert Wilders Calls For A Dutch Referendum

    Just as we warned, the historic British rejection of the EU’s totalitarian rule has sparked renewed ambitions to leave the clutches of Brussels across Europe. First to congratulate Britain was Holland’s Geert Wilders, who calls for a Dutch referendum as soon as possible…

  • James Moore

    Independence Day has arrived! Well done Nigel Farage for releasing us from our shackles and a big thank you to you David Craig for helping to inform us of the truth.

    A truly special day!

  • Andrew Eaves

    Thank you to all who turned out to vote and whom voted for freedom. The icing on the cake will now be Cameron removed from his PM role.
    Thanks All!!!!!

  • Stuz Graz

    Congratulatons. What a relief.

    Next we must chuck out the cuckoos in the nest like the ghastly Osborne and Soubry. We do not need these people anywhere near the exit renegotiations.

  • Tommy Atkins

    Teflon Tory resigns..

  • Andrew Eaves

    No surprise, look at the voting patterns, for example on the Daily Mail web site, and notice that all the Mu*l1m hotbeds are very clearly marked on the map. Of course, Luton, Leeds, Sheffield, Rotherham, Manchester, and Londonstein are clear. Following a recent business trip to Yorkshire I had my eyes opened to Leeds & Manchester as I had not appreciated that these areas are also predominately Mu*l1m areas. I don’t understand the Scottish result, and how the Scots were crying for independence not so long ago.

  • John Fields

    Thank you Mr Craig for your part in this victory for the ordinary man.
    One more referendum for England alone to give the Scots and Irish their freedom
    from us.

  • JFC

    We have the Labour heartlands of the North and Wales to thank for this – they were betrayed by the turncoat Corbyn – and now there are calls for a vote of no confidence in him from Labour MPs.

    Interesting times ahead.

  • brian

    Great work David, great work Nigel !

    Thank you for all your efforts David, through your blog.
    A day to remember and a lesson to all the wide boys like Cameron and Osbourne, Geldoff, the Eddie Izzardz of this world, and other assorted PC, up their own arse, celebrity trailer trash Do not mess with the British people. We have had enough.

    Now we will have to put up with Nichola Crankie whinging that us Scots want another referendum.
    So shut it you ugly dwarf ! Go and get some more council houses ready for Syrian economic migrants.

  • Baroness Bonkers


  • MGJ

    We may expect a scorched earth policy and spiteful retaliation both from the EU and within the UK establishment but they’ll never manage to do anything worse than what would have happened if we remained.

    So well done David. Your readership may be small and I don’t agree with everything you say but the days of the lying mainstream media are numbered and it’s time they got the hell out of the way. We need people like you and your readers who are brave enough to ask uncomfortable questions.

  • Roger

    The TV news media have been disgraceful, back biting and spiteful,scaremongering about the markets etc. hosting Remain campaign and supporters all morning.Scrap the BBC Brussels Broadcasting Corporation.

  • chris

    I hear rumours of a petition for a second vote!

  • To all politicians, TAKE NOTE – now is the time to step up to the plate – COUNTRY before Party politics. Ignore these changed times at OUR PERIL!
    Anthony Taylor.

  • What is Nichola’s real agenda? She screams for Scottish independence and supposing that she gets it, then what does she want to do?
    She wants to RElINQUISH it to Brussels.
    If she, with the support of the scottish people, wants to nail the Scottish flag to the mast of THE SINKING SHIP, then l for one say LET THEM.

  • Brillo

    Fantastic news, next on the agenda is getting Donald elected this year and perhaps together with Brexit the west might just be saved from being cast back to the Stone Age by you know who.

    A big thank you to Nigel and you David for your great articles. Keep up the good work.

    Love Brian’s comments a man after my own heart.

  • 25 years of very hard work by Nigel resulted in the voters rejecting the totally corrupt, leftist elitist controlled E.U.
    Now the goal must be to end the E.U. as well as the Euro thus restoring fiscal, cultural and national currency independence.

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