May 2024

Britain’s most radical M*sl*ms say – “Stuff democracy!! Vote REMAIN!!! Vote for a Caliphate!!!”

(I’m writing two blogs today. Here’s the second one)

There are some great comments on my blog yesterday. You just click on the title to read them. Perhaps this was the best one:

British hate preacher Anjem Choudary – who is currently facing charges of supporting Islamic State – has told Breitbart London that he thinks the United Kingdom should stay in the European Union .

“If you want my view on it, I think Britain will be worse off,” Mr. Choudary (pictured above) told Breitbart London.

“I think that [leaving the EU] is something that is probably not in our advantage from a Muslim perspective,” he added.

The radical preacher rose to prominence as the head of Al-Muhajiroun and then Islam4UK – both banned Salafist groups – and for his provocative anti-Western views.

He has praised 9/11 terrorists as “magnificent martyrs”, wants to see “Sharia dominate the world”, the “flag of Sharia” fly over Parliament, and advocates a so-called caliphate.

In 2013, Mr. Choudary stated: “As Muslims, we reject democracy, we reject secularism, and freedom, and human rights. We reject all of the things that you espouse as being ideals”.

3 comments to Britain’s most radical M*sl*ms say – “Stuff democracy!! Vote REMAIN!!! Vote for a Caliphate!!!”

  • Helmut

    Half Of Turks In Germany Regard Islamic Law As Supreme.

    A shocking new university study reveals that half of the Turks in Germany regard Islamic law above German law and the youth are the most devout.

    The study, commissioned by the University of Munster, surveyed 1,201 respondents of Turkish ethnicity on a range of issues and found that many hold extremely conservative views when it comes to the role of Islam in their lives.

    The survey is designed to reflect the societal opinions of the 2.6 million Turkish residents in Germany and shows that 47 per cent believe that “following the tenets of [their] religion is more important to [them] than the laws of the land in which [they] live,” Spiegel reports.

    First generation migrants tend to be the most conservative with 57 per cent of those polled believing that Islam is more important than state laws, and falls to just over one third by the second and third generations. The total number of people of Turkish descent that believe Islamic law trumps German law is therefore over one million.

    Even more shocking is that one third of all those polled thought that “Muslims should strive to a societal order like that in the time of Mohammed,” meaning a return to 7th century sharia law which the Islamic State claims to follow to the letter. First generation migrants agreed with the sentiment at 36 per cent, and there was only a small drop to 27 per cent for second and third generation Turks.

  • hELLfIRE

    EXCLUSIVE – Anjem Choudary: Put Practicing Gays To Death Wherever They Are.

    Gays should be put to death under sharia law whether the Islamic doctrine is implemented in Muslim countries or the West, exclaimed Britain’s most notorious radical Islamist preacher, Anjem Choudary, during an interview.

    Asked whether gays who were confirmed to have engaged in homosexual acts should be stoned under sharia law, Choudary replied:

    They would be wherever you are, whether in the East or the West, if we had the Sharia implemented, as you say, with a judiciary, with a legitimate leader and the courts, etc., were there. Then yes. They will face capital punishment. I mean, people differ about the way that punishment would be implemented, but it would be the death penalty.

  • gfredricks

    Belgian Authorities Arrest 12 Terror Suspects Fearing Impending Attack.

    Belgian authorities have raided dozens of homes and arrested 12 suspects in a major anti-terror investigation which they said required “immediate intervention,” fearing an attack could have been close.

    Across Belgium parties were being planned Saturday to watch live broadcasts of the country’s soccer team playing Ireland at the European Championships in neighboring France and some media said such events could have been the targets.

    Prime Minister Charles Michel said the nation would remain “extremely vigilant, hour by hour,” but that the terror level across the nation would remain at the second-highest level, meaning a threat of an attack “is possible and likely.” Belgium has been living under such a threat level since the Nov. 22 attacks on the Brussels subway and airport which killed 32.

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