June 2024

Shock!!! Horror!!!! The world didn’t end!!!

In the run-up to the EU In/Out Referendum the parasitical elites repeatedly warned us that an ‘Out’ vote would be a disaster for Britain’s economy. And in the first 48 hours after the result was known, supposed economics experts from the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation gleefully blethered on about a collapse in the stock market and in the value of the pound as they chastised us for not voting the way we were told.

Moreover, in the immediate aftermath of the ‘Leave’ vote Merkel’s glove puppet Europhiliac Dutch premier Mark Rutte gloatingly claimed Britain has “collapsed politically, monetarily, constitutionally and economically”.

But the world didn’t end. And as for Britain’s stock market – well after a wobble , it’s in the best of health:

ftse100 june 2016 one month

It shot up in the days before the Referendum on the expectation of a Remain vote, fell after the Brexit result was announced and is now rocketing upwards again. In fact, the FTSE100 is now higher than it was one month ago.

Ooops!!! The Remainians were wrong!! The world didn’t end!!!

Well, at least, not in Britain. But over in that wonderful economic powerhouse, Europe, things are not quite so rosy.

How about Germany? The picture’s not quite so happy there. The Dax is starting to go up, but is well below the level of one month ago:

dax june 2016

Or France? Similar losses to Germany, I’m afraid. The Cac is starting to go up, but is still well below the level of one month ago:

cac june 2016 1 month

And Italy? Let’s not go there. Italy’s in the middle of a massive £40bn banking crisis.

And Greece, Portugal, Spain etc – total economic disasters. Thank goodness it won’t be us having to bail them out. We can now leave that to Germany and Mark Rutte’s Holland – about the only countries in the ghastly Eurozone which are still solvent. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

As for the value of the pound. That’s fallen making British exports more competitive and increasing the value of many of Britain’s largest companies’ foreign earnings. But you won’t hear these ‘good news’ stories from the biased Brussels Broadcasting Corporation

All in all, the last few days have been truly wonderful for Britain. But nobody in the Establishment will dare admit this.

7 comments to Shock!!! Horror!!!! The world didn’t end!!!

  • Dave Hancock

    Good morning David,

    Don’t know if you read this chap at all, but you being a sleuth may find this frighteningly interesting.



  • John Fields

    Great news for us ordinary folk Mr Craig, and in the coming years we shall go on to greater
    things. All I hope is that the Scots and Northern Irish leave us very soon, because I do not
    think that we are a United Kingdom anymore. They can relish the delights of the
    European Union.

  • MGJ

    The absence of negative effects doesn’t stop the army of Cultural Marxists at the BBC. “Racism is now on the rise” they proclaim, quoting a bearded lunatic’s private fantasies as if it were established fact. No evidence, no challenge of course.

    “Taxes to rise and cuts inevitable!” they shriek with glee. Yes the very excuse Osborne was waiting for, enabled by the BBC.

    Then there was their lie about Farage and his alleged promise about the NHS (that was the Tories, not Farage). And yesterday a Telegraph journalist said that Farage “was Hitler” and discussed whether he should be murdered. Just imagine if she’d said that about somebody with even a slightly brown skin! She’d have been fired and put in a police cell while her employer gushed profound apologies and the anti-democracy crowd wet their beds and had yet another fit.

  • Farr

    I just came back from a business trip in Italy. The Italians have a great climate, lakes and mountains, lovely food. They make stuff to sell. They don’t give a sh*t about stocks and banks and it would be a bit pot and kettle for us to comment on theirs given our toxic banks such as the unsellable RBS, LLoyds, Northern Rock, HBOS. I spend a lot of time on the continent and the word on the ground is that there is no interest in shafting themselves by leaving the EU (their words).

  • UK Pete

    Revenge Of The Rubes – Why The Days Of The Financial Elite’s Rule Are Numbered.

    Moreover, the source of the abysmal overall current account trend shown above is absolutely attributable to its one-sided trade imbalance with the EU-27. As shown in the graph below, its EU deficit has been widening ever since 2000, while its trade surplus with the rest of the world has actually been steadily growing.

    This point is not about mercantilism. The bilateral balance with any particular country or trading bloc does not ultimately matter if the overall current account trend is healthy.

    Instead, the point is that the EU-27 needs British markets to the tune of a net $65 billion surplus annually. And more than half of that surplus is attributable to Germany, which earns upwards of 40% of its trade surplus with the rest of the EU from the UK.

    Continuation of an open trade arrangement, therefore, does not require the sacrifice of British democracy and home rule to the statist overlords of Brussels; it only requires a trade deal that provides mutual economic benefits and no entangling engagements with the socialist infrastructure of the continent.

  • Richard

    I find it amazing, the third time Germany try to rule Great Britain and the third time they get a bloody nose, admittedly, they haven’t managed to kill hundreds of thousands people ….. yet !

    And on this day of commemoration for those lost at the Battle of the Somme, I wonder if France and the rest of Europe will remember who their real allies are ? !

  • Andrew thomas

    will the scandal of EU corruption be exposed now we are free?

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