February 2023
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Oh Dave – who is going to believe the promises you make?

Phew! Now we’ve had the much-heralded Dave “Cast-Iron” Cameron’s great speech on immigration. Dave was so sincere, like I mean really really sincere, that it almost brought tears to my eyes. Oh Dave, you pressed all the right buttons. Not.

But then Dave really is the ‘heir to Blair’ – a congenital, recidivist liar who would say anything to anyone just to squeeze out a few votes.

Podgy, balding Cast-Iron Dave has made many promises over the last few years. There was the cast-iron promise of a referendum on the EU. Here’s 1 minute 12 seconds of Cast-Iron promising us a referendum on the EU in 2009 just before the EU elections This was immediately abandoned until UKIP’s successes forced Cast-Iron to reinvent an imaginary referendum conveniently far out in the future.

Dave promised to reduce immigration. Now even immigration from the world’s worst (mostly M*sl*m) hell-holes, which Dave could have controlled, is higher than when he came to power.

In fact, Dave so likes making promises, that his 2010 election manifesto was puffed as a ‘contract’ (click to see more clearly)


Dave, your promises are about as ‘cast-iron’ as candy floss. Nobody believes you any more. You’re almost as much of a joke as Clegg or Miliband. That’s because you all resemble each other – spoilt, self-regarding, arrogant, self-serving, elitist brats who nobody can respect as you have never had a proper job in your gilded lives. Instead you’ve all relied on your connections, your glad-handing and your obsequious, sycophantic brown-nosing to get to where you are.

Still, I’m really looking forward to all the ‘cast-iron’, ‘rock-hard’ promises you’ll be making in the run-up to the May 2015 General Election. They should be good for a laugh.

2 comments to Oh Dave – who is going to believe the promises you make?

  • Keen Reader

    And now we learn that he had to go grovelling to Frau Merkel for permission to make even those feeble pie in the sky half-promises. Always tomorrow, never today, with Dodgy Dave. Surely no one in their right mind believes that he will ever grant us a straightforward In/Out Referendum on EU membership? Am I seeing aviating porcines from my window?
    I’ve a lot of time for Chancellor Merkel; would we had a Leader of her mettle to stand up for our nation. But oh, the irony! As one of the diminishing number who has childhood memories of WW2, I despair for my native land that we are, once again, at the mercy of Germany, that being the only country in the EU who can boast genuine economic prosperity. (The UK’s is no more than a smoke and mirrors illusion, founded on ever greater debt and incurring ever greater interest charges.)

  • Anyone who votes for any false Cameron promise is as smart as the goats who follow the Judas goat into the slaughterhouse.

    See these comments on Cameron

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