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Tories’ laughable Rochester lies

Before the Rochester and Strood by-election we had plenty of fighting talk from our lying, europhiliac Prime Minister. He was going to “kick Mark Reckless’s fat arse out of Westminster” and he was going to throw everything including “the kitchen sink” at winning the seat

kitchen sink

And now the Tories have lost, they’re claiming it wasn’t really a bad defeat as UKIP won by a smaller margin than predicted. The winning margin, 7.3% or 2,920 votes, is less than some commentators had been predicting, in part based on polling snapshots during the campaign. Meanwhile the (IMHO) ghastly, greasy, lying weasel Grant Shapps burbled on about the Tories expecting to lose the by-election as that’s what usually happened to the party in government.

So, as the Tories try to blow a smokescreen around the scale of their humiliation, it’s worth remembering that this was one of the largest swings in by-election history, with UKIP moving from 0% of the vote in 2010 to over 42% in this by-election.

rochester result

This despite the heaviest campaigning effort the Conservative Party has ever conducted against UKIP, with over 100 Conservative MPs – many making multiple visits including most cabinet ministers – and with no fewer than five campaigning visits from our great Right Honourable popular Prime Minister in person

kitchen sink 3

So BBC, LibLabCon and all the others trying to create a false narrative that somehow UKIP failed, the Tories did better than expected or any other view that puts a gloss on the catastrophe suffered by the rotten old parties, wallow in your delusions if you want but we know better.

May 7 2015, the fightback for the British people continues. Vote UKIP!

3 comments to Tories’ laughable Rochester lies

  • NoMore

    Terrific result by the People’s Party – one in the eye for the “Vote UKIP, get Labour” crowd looking at the evenness of the percentage change in votes for the big 3 Anti-British parties. Looks like the Watermelon Party (green on the outside, red on the inside) are shaping up to be the new Lib Dems with a +3% gain. Student vote had to go somewhere I guess.

  • right_writes

    I suspect that some habitual Labour voters hate UKIP so much that they lent the Tories their vote.

    As a protest!

    So only a protest vote for the Tories then…

    Next year, the protesters know that they have a serious job to do…

    It will be a choice between two parties… and that is when people will get serious and vote UKIP, to keep the LabCON out of our lives.

  • Juliet 46

    May 7 2015, the fightback for the British people continues.
    Vote UKIP!

    I will – just sent off my UKIP membership renewal!

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