June 2024

How governments hide the real level of immigration

Immigration is rather a political hot potato at the moment and it seems our rulers play all kinds of tricks to make it seem lower than it actually is. For example:

1. Using ‘Net’ not ‘Gross’ immigration – Net migration is at a record 234,000 – 17,500 people a month, over 1,000 immigrants every working day. But net migration is the total number arriving minus the number leaving. Last year around 316,000 people left the UK. So, the real level of new arrivals is actually 550,000 a year – 47,800 a month, around 2,450 every single working day. This is confirmed by the fact that about 46,000 new NI numbers are issued to foreigners every month

2. Not mentioning the quality of immigrants – Of the 316,000 people who left Britain last year, 131,000 were British citizens and 185,000 were foreign nationals. Of the 131,000 British citizens, around 20,000 were retirees. So, those would tend to be people with reasonable pensions who would not be a burden on the countries they were moving to. Most of the rest were skilled workers. But what are we getting in exchange? Around 280,360 of the 538,817 visas issued in the last 12 months have gone to people from Asia. Around 30% of these were from China and India. Many of the rest will be from Pakistan, will tend to be low-skilled and belong to the Religion of R*pe. I would humbly suggest that the quality of people leaving Britain greatly exceeds the quality of many who are being welcomed to our country to create havoc and bankrupt us

3. The great passport give-away – Britain grants more passports to foreigners than any other European country. Last year it was, I think, over 210,000 – 17,500 a month, just under 1,000 every working day. Of course, this doesn’t affect figures of the number of foreign-born people living in the UK. But it does allow our rulers to reduce the number of non-British citizens living in the UK by making them ‘British’. This trick was first used by the Blair government. When under pressure to reduce the number of asylum seekers, it started throwing British passports at anyone who might claim asylum before they registered their claim. This made it look like the number of asylum seekers was falling, while the Blair government kept very quiet indeed about the massive increase in the number of British passports being issued (click to see more clearly)


Conclusion – Ghastly as the immigration figures are, the truth is probably much worse for our crumbling, over-crowded, increasingly Third-World country than the official figures suggest.

6 comments to How governments hide the real level of immigration

  • Subtract Scotland from the figure and England has more people per square mile then either India or China. The CON-Lib-Lab all have the same open door policy while from time to time pretending to hear voters concerns on the issue. Some years ago The Independent run an article with evidence that the real population of the United Kingdom is closer to eighty million. England has both population replacement and increase which will add to our food, energy and other imports.
    The so called recent economic growth is mainly due to construction , house prices sustaning the credit base and migrants employed in the service industry.

  • NoMore

    From today’s Telegraph:-

    “We have been blown off course by the rise in European migration into the UK,” Mrs May said. “That’s partly because our economy is doing better than other economies in Europe. So it’s now unlikely that we’re going to meet our tens of thousands target by the end of the Parliament.”

    Mrs May also warned that the threat to the UK from terror groups like Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) is greater than at any previous time and warned that the lure of jihadism must be combated by restoring British values.

    Hmm, does Mrs May not realise she could kill two birds with one stone here by stopping any more M*sl*m immigration?

  • Keen Reader

    The reducing quality overall of the UK population, attributable to a significant degree to the “net immigration” issue, has been evident for some years. The elder three of my grandchildren, two about to graduate in science-related subjects, the third with similar ambitions, all say that the best thing to do on graduation is to head straight for the nearest airport and make for a country where a good scientific education leads to well-paid employment and where it will be possible eventually to enjoy a good quality of life as regards owning a home and bringing up children in a more congenial environment than now pertains here. And of course they will free themselves of the excruciating burden of repaying, for most of their working lives, their student tuition debt – the debt which our legislators themselves never of course had to bear. Oh, and don’t forget the “hidden” population increase consequent upon the very large number of children which immigrants of certain religions and cultures will have once they are resident here in relation to our indigenous population.

  • peter king

    on is an article about report based in public opinion polls.
    25% of British adults want all migrants repatriated.

  • John Fields

    With the policies, and complete disregard for the people’s major worries, the three leading
    parties in the Commons have put us on an irreversible track to end of our English
    culture. It is a tragedy that millions of English lives were lost in wars that were fought to
    uphold our way of life.

  • Brillo

    And yet Teresa May stated on the Andrew Marr program that immigration from outside of the EU had dropped significantly, giving the impression it was down to a few thousand not hundreds of thousands. More lies then from the Tories. You can’t even trust them with the economy now, as the national debt has doubled since they took office. What a shower they are, Vote UKIP.

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