May 2024

Obama “gets it” – the future is bright, the future is Asian

You can level many criticisms at Obama – particularly the way he has allowed US debt to balloon out of control. But there is one issue where he is absolutely right – where America’s future lies. Obama has realised that Europe is a busted flush with its incompetent, corrupt, self-serving, mostly unelected leaders driving the continent into a seemingly endless recession while filling their own pockets with almost unlimited amounts of taxpayers’ money.

But most Asian countries are booming. Moreover, they have learnt from the failure of the EU. Asian countries are setting up their own free trade area, but without the 40,000 or so corrupt, wasteful politicians and bureaucrats that are destroying Europe. The Asian trade area will be about free trade and only free trade. It will not try to create the single totalitarian, bureaucratic state that we’ve allowed to build in Europe. Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has been credited with expressing surprise that Europe was trying to build the kind of oppressive monster that had so catastrophically failed in Russia.

Obama understands this and as soon as he was re-elected, he headed off for a diplomatic tour of Asia because that’s where America’s future lies. He didn’t waste his time on basket-case Europe.

Britain now has a choice – do we want to drown, pulled down by big-spending, unproductive, corrupt, wasteful, entitlement-fixated Europe or do we want to join the growing regions of the world – Asia and the US?

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