June 2024

Why help lazy corrupt Greeks when millions die of starvation? Blair still wants to be EU president

For about 3 years now we have watched our euro-politicians’ increasingly ineffective and panicky attempts to stop the high-spending, corrupt, lazy, tax-avoiding Greeks from going bankrupt by throwing our money into the bottomless pit that is Greece. Yet at the same time 925 million people in the world are hungry and every day almost 16,000 children die from hunger-related causes. That’s one child every five seconds. If the Greeks can’t be bothered to work, all want to retire at 50 with full salaries and almost all avoid paying tax, why should we be wasting so much money on them?

There are two main reasons. Firstly our EU-leaders don’t want to accept that their great plan for a Brussels-based single European superstate run by unelected bureaucrats won’t work. So they are prepared to waste almost unlimited amounts of our money keeing their EUSSR dream alive and their own well-paid, well-pensioned jobs. Secondly banks in Germany and France have the biggest exposure to Greek debt. According to the Bank for International Settlements they hold $22.6bn (£14.4bn) and $15bn of Greece’s government debt respectively. These numbers soar with estimated private sector exposure – to $34bn for Germany and $56.7bn for France. Behind the debt are vast amounts of CDOs – complex financial instruments bought by investors from investment banks to insure the debt – adding another threat from default.

The real reason our corrupt leaders are so desperate to save Greece from its own profligacy is more about saving eurocrats’ jobs and saving French and German banks from their stupidity in lending so much money to the lazy, corrupt, tax-avoiding Greeks.

As for the 950 million starving and the 16,000 children dying every day of hunger-related causes – surely saving the jobs of Brussels bureaucrats and French and German bankers is more important than children’s lives?

Meanwhile, “lying, corrupt, expenses-fiddling, self-serving war criminal” (IMHO) Blair is doing the rounds giving speeches and interviews about how important it is that Britain stays in the EU. Why is Blair doing this? Because he cares about Britain’s future? Or because he still wants the job as EU president? I really don’t know.

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