May 2024

Our useless Government must steal our savings – Taxmaggedon is going to ruin us all

When the idiots Gordon Brown and Ed Balls took over the Treasury in 1997, our national debt was about £300bn. By 2010 when these fools were booted out, our debt was over £700bn. It is now over £1trn. Whatever the Coalition does or doesn’t do, debt will reach £1.6trn by 2015/16. Our interest payments will soon hit £60bn a year – more than we pay for defence or education. We are going slowly and horribly bankrupt.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel – for our incompetent, over-paid, over-pensioned, expenses-thieving politicians – though not for us. We have over £3.5trn in savings – £500bn in unit trusts, £800bn in pensions, £500bn in higher-interest bank accounts and another £1.7trn in other bits and pieces. If our worthless, self-serving politicians could get hold of this money, then their problems would be solved.

Our incompetent politicians are already salivating at the thought of taking and wasting the £800bn we have in pension savings. Osborne tried to steal over £30bn of this money claiming he should use ‘British savings for British jobs’. If he does take this money, most will be wasted and most of the jobs will go to foreigners. Now Clegg is proposing to pressure us to use our pension savings to buy houses for our children and grandchildren in the ridiculous belief that maintaining housing at historically unaffordable levels will somehow boost the economy. What Clegg knows about economics could be written on the back of a very small postage stamp.

But this is only the start. When the bulging-eyed buffoon Ed Balls becomes chancellor in 2015, the theft of our savings will move up a few gears. Under the banner of ‘fairness’, Balls will find some way of grabbing our money to squander on more public-sector non-jobs and higher salaries for our millions of unnecessary bureaucrats. Then under the banner of ‘everyone is entitled to dignity in retirement’, he will impose punitive taxes on our pension savings to give our money to those who didn’t earn enough or couldn’t be arsed to save for their own retirement.

Beware – the coming Taxmaggedon is going to decimate any money you manage to save. But our greedy, incompetent, self-serving politicians and bureaucrats will continue to live a life of luxury at our expense.

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