August 2018
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Our greedy, thieving MPs’ latest scam to steal our money

Just when you thought our MPs couldn’t do any more to increase the contempt in which most of us hold them, they’ve come up with a new scam. They want us taxpayers to pay for them to hire accountants to help them make the most of all the money they siphon off from us.

Our MPs get  salaries of over £65,000 a year. Many pay another £30,000 to £40,000 to wives, children, lovers, partners, friends etc. They get over £100,000 a year tax-free in expenses. They do so little work for us that many have second, third, fourth and even fifth jobs earning them hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.

Moreover, we don’t need 650 MPs any more. With the EU and the regional assemblies making most of our laws, there’s actually very little for our MPs to do. The US has 435 members of Congress and 100 Senators for a population of over 250 million. We have 650 MPs and 750 peers for a population of just over 60 million. As they say – ‘go figure’.

Our greedy, unnecessary, lying, dishonest MPs are making fools of us all. But because we have a sycophantic, genuflucting press, our MPs will probably get away with their latest scam.

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