March 2023
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Cricket balls: Clegg grovels to Labour: Everyone wants A grades

I’m not interested in cricket. But I couldn’t help laughing at the press conference where England captain Strauss announced his ‘voluntary’ resignation. Who knows what went on behind the scenes? But the Grim-Reaper faces of Strauss and new captain Cook suggests that Strauss is not a very happy bunny.

Ludicrous liar and spendaholic Clegg seems to be ‘doing an Italy’ – changing sides when he sees that he’s thrown his lot in with a bunch of losers. Just as the cowardly Italians changed sides during the Second World War, the equally cowardly Clegg has tried to curry favour with Labour by saying we should tax the rich more. So what will coward Clegg do now? Will he start voting with Labour in return for being offered a job when Labour win the next election? Or will cowardly Clegg gradually distance himself from useless liars Cameron and Osborne while negotiating backstage with Miliband for a Lib/Lab coalition?

After Labour’s years of exam grade inflation, where even the least academically-gifted got piles of A grades even though British businesses said many were unemployable, this year examiners finally tried to put a stop to the exam results farce. Result – absolute outrage amongst Britain’s teachers. Instead of wanting to prepare children so they can have a future, our teachers would prefer to continue the fantasy of ever-improving results even though their students lose out on job opportunities to Poles and others with a real education. We cannot compete in the world economy if our children believe that things like cake-decoration or media studies are going to equip them for a life of well-paid work. Instead of bleating about the unfairness of an exam system in which not everyone gets A grades, our teachers should be thinking about our children’s well-being, not just the well-being of our teachers. As for the 83,000 children who did media studies last year – do their teachers really think there are 83,000 job vacancies just waiting for these students?

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