June 2024

What planet do journalists live on? Don’t they realise Cameron is incompetent, Osborne is a fool and Clegg is a piece of garbage?

As summer (what summer?) ends and our overpaid, overpensioned, expenses-thieving and mostly unnecessary politicians start to drift back from their 2-month holidays, the main political journalists are busy blethering on about what changes David Liar Cameron needs to make to his government. After over two catastrophic years, journalists still write about ‘Cameron’s leadership’ and ‘Osborne’s economic policies’ and ‘Clegg’s principles’.

What planet are these journalists on? Don’t they understand that Cameron is a lying, shallow, incompetent PR spiv who is utterly despised by most of the country? Can’t they see that Osborne is a liar and fool, who is completely out of his depth, hasn’t got a clue and is driving Britain into an unnecessary recession because of his arrogance and stupidity? Don’t they realise that Clegg is just Barroso’s whore – a slimy, self-serving, lying piece of garbage who will do anything to advance his own lousy little career and would be happy to sell Britain out to the EU if this would get him a nice sinecure as an EU commissioner?

Our journalists write and talk as if our politicians have any credibility. Yet the rest of us can see that this Government is one of the most incompetent, greedy, self-serving bunch of crooks and knaves that have ever been in power and that most people feel nothing but contempt and disgust  at the lies and bungling that seems to so impress our useless, sycophantic political journalists.

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