May 2024

Are the British too stupid to vote in elections?

A survey has just revealed that most Brits do not understand the difference between our deficit (what the Government spends each month and what it takes in taxes) and our national debt (what the Government owes). So they don’t realise that as long as we have a deficit, our debt increases. Thus they don’t understand that, even if the Coalition was to cut public spending (which it’s not doing), we are still going bankrupt. Our national debt was about £700bn in 2010. By the time of the next election it will be over £1.5trn.

We are at risk of financial markets panicking within a couple of years (especially if the economically-ignorant idiot Balls becomes Chancellor), the interest the Government pays on its debt rising and up to a third of all our taxes being used just to pay the interest on our debt. We are facing a Greece-style economic collapse because neither the Coalition nor Labour have the courage to explain to stupid voters the catastrophe facing the country.

If the majority are incapable of comprehending the difference between deficit and debt, then they’re going to vote for Labour as they’ll believe Labour’s argument that you can borrow your way out of debt. But that will lead to a total economic collapse. When people are real turkeys, they really do vote for Christmas.

Perhaps all voters should be given a democratic choice. They could choose to be registered to either vote in one of Simon ‘Slimey’ Cowell’s fixed supposed ‘talent’ competitions or they could vote in general and council elections? Then all the thickos would choose to vote in Slimey’s competitions and Britain might get the kind of government we need and not the government thick Britain deserves.

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