March 2021
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Guardian journalist tries to write a thriller – what a mess!

Awful, awful, awful. And that’s being polite about probably the worst book I have ever read. It’s a supposed thriller written by a Sam Bourne. It’s all about a journalist who saves the world. The blurb says that Sam Bourne is the new Dan Brown, but better. Sam Bourne sounds like a tough guy – a bit similar to Jason Bourne. So who is this Sam Bourne? Well, his real name is Jonathan Freedland and he’s a journalist (surprise surprise) who has done a lot of work for the Guardian. Guardian journalists spend much of their time writing verbose, soporific articles in praise of teachers, social workers, illegal immigrants and benefits scroungers. They also still believe that the man who bankrupted Britain – Gordon “tax, waste and lie” Brown was an economic genius and that his successor – Ed “tax, waste and lie” Balls is as well-endowed as his former master, lying buffoon Brown.

Mr Freedland, I thought Guardian journalists were meant to be honest. But here you are (in my opinion) masquerading as a thriller writer when you are (in my opinion) actually utterly useless. Of course, you’ve managed to get your journo friends to provide quotes saying you’re a literary genius, but most of those who have supposedly praised your book may have never read it or even seen it – their quotes may have been written by your publisher’s PR people – who knows?. I paid 80p for your book in a charity bookshop. That was a wasted 80p. If you were an honest man Mr Freedland you’d give me my 80p back and apologise for wasting my time with your (in my opinion) appalling book.

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