October 2021
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The world’s richest and most corrupt hold their annual shindig

If I write that the world’s richest and most corrupt people are currently holding their annual get-together, you might think I mean the World Economic Forum in Davos. After all, there are some pretty crooked and greedy liars and scum attending that. But the “good and great” at Davos are like angelic paupers compared to the utter villains I’m thinking about. Anyway, Davos was last week. If you really want to see billionaire wealth and rampant corruption, the yearly African Union (AU) meeting is the place to go. It’s being held in the AU’s shiny new HQ in Addis Ababa. This was paid for by the Chinese. Though heaven knows why. Most of those attending have stolen so much money from their impoverished people that any of them could probably have paid for the building with the change in their pockets.

So what will this bunch of garbage talk about? Perhaps the leader of Equatorial Guinea could give a presentation on how to steal over $40m a week. Or Nigerian bosses could share their experience of running hundreds of offshore bank accounts to hide all the riches they’ve embezzled. Unfortunately, Mr Gaddafi can’t attend this year so won’t be able to give his favourite talk on how to invest over $100bn stolen from his people.

Meanwhile Africa becomes ever poorer. There are the usual famines. Nigeria is on the brink of civil war. Senegal is about to hold joke elections which might also lead to war. Zimbabwe has gone from one of Africa’s richest to poorest countries. And the buffoon running South Africa seems keen to take his country down the same road as Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. It’s time the West stopped allowing the obscene rape of Africa by its leaders and closed down any bank caught funnelling stolen African money. But western leaders use the same offshore banks to hide their own wealth, so we can expect the rape of Africa to continue forever.

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