September 2018
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Will it soon be “Come back Mubarak – you were better than the mad mullahs”?

The Egyptians have got what they wanted. They have deposed the “evil, western puppet” Hosni Mubarak and now have an elected parliament. Problem is that 75% of those elected are radical muslims. So what can we expect over the next few years? Firstly, the new government will be as utterly corrupt and laughably incompetent as most other African and Arab governments. The Egyptian economy will continue to crash and burn and unemployment will shoot up even higher. There might even be a pointless war with Israel. But come the next elections will the Egyptians be able to vote out the current government? Some chance! Because Egypts’s Islamic government will probably have got nice and close with that other shining example of Islamic democracy – Iran. From the Iranians, the Egyptians will learn how to rig elections and how to crush any protests. Remember, any vote against an Islamic government is a vote against God. You deserve to be imprisoned, tortured and even killed if you vote against God, don’t you? After all, that’s the way we do things in peace-loving democratic Iran.

So Egypt, enjoy your freedom while it lasts – the Arab Spring might be about to turn into the Islamist Winter.

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