February 2018
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Public-sector fatcats feast on our money

Our lying PM David Liar Cameron has told us that “we’re all in this together”. So we should perhaps thank civil servant Sir David Normington for revealing how we’ve become a ‘them and us’ society with politicians and public-sector bosses living in luxury while the rest of us pay for their mistakes. Sir David is one of over 50,000 public-sector employees being paid more than £100,000 each. After a life of pointlessly pushing paper around, Sir David is retiring at the ripe old age of just 59 with an inflation-protected pension of over £80,000 a year plus a lump sum TAXFREE payment of around £250,000. Despite retiring with so much of our money, Sir David has got a new public-sector job, working only 3 days a week and earning £85,000 a year. And there are another 50,000 fatcats just like the ‘lucky’ Sir David.

As Liar Cameron cuts spending to reduce the deficit, an awful lot of lower-paid frontline public-sector workers will lose their jobs so that we can afford to keep Sir David and his ilk in the luxury to which they have become accustomed. Cameron, you’re a liar. We’re not all in this together. You and your mates are fleecing the rest of us. Once scum, always scum.

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