October 2010
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Red Ed should have stayed in bed

Journalists are praising Red Ed Miliscum’s brave performance at PMQs today. I disagree. Cowardly Cameron asked why some of the poorest people in the country should pay taxes so that Red Ed should get child benefit for his bastard children – Red Ed wasn’t able to give any reason.

So Red Ed, why should people […]

Cowardly Royal Navy buffoons get their carriers

It looks like the cowardly buffoons running our politically-correct Royal Navy are going to get their expensive but useless aircraft carriers. This is the same Navy that allowed its people to be captured by Iranian gunboats and which watched uninterestedly as a British yachting couple were kidnapped by Somali pirates. This is a navy whose […]

Cameron and Osborne are idiots

Many sources are predicting hundreds of thousands of job cuts in the public sector. These will be both expensive and unnecessary. Expensive because redundancy and benefit payments will wipe out any potential savings. And unnecessary because putting all public-sector managers on a 4-day week would save £100m a week – £5bn a year – more […]

We was robbed! No you wasn’t!

Once again England’s overpaid, underperforming excuse for a football team blame the referee for their embarrassingly dismal performance. This time they claim they lost because the ref didn’t spot a hand-ball by a Montenegro player. “We was robbed” England claim yet again.

If England and their £5m a year crappy manager want to win they […]