July 2024

Some people can only destroy. They have nothing to contribute to mankind

(Wednesday blog)

I’d like to follow on from yesterday’s blog in which I featured a Lebanese journalist daring to tell Palestinians they are “idiots” for continuing their war against Israel when they could be living in peace.

So here’s a short story in pictures in today’s blog.

Here’s the Yasser Arafat International airport in Gaza in 1998:

And here are Palestinians celebrating the opening of the airport on 24 November 1998:

And here are Bill Clinton and Yasser Arafat arriving at the Gaza international airport in December 1998:

And here’s the Yasser Arafat Gaza International airport today:

And here’s another one of the airport today:

Every year the Palestinians get over $2bn in aid (the right-hand UNRWA column on the chart below):

Over the 22 years since the Yasser Arafat Gaza international airport opened, the Palestinians have received over $44bn in free money.

But where has all that money gone? With all that money Palestine could be one of the most prosperous countries in the world. But instead it’s a total sh*t-hole where most Palestinians live in excrement-scented poverty:

Palestinian leaders are all multi-millionaires or even billionaires. The continuing conflict with Israel makes them rich.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a single ordinary Palestinian with sufficient IQ to realise that peace would bring prosperity while conflict only brings destruction and immiserisation.

What a bunch of dumbasses!

It’s time to stop all aid and let the d*ck-head Palestinians figure out that we’re all fed up with their intolerance, violence and brobdingnagian stupidity.

2 comments to Some people can only destroy. They have nothing to contribute to mankind

  • A Thorpe

    This demonstrates why private ownership of property is essential. People who own property understand its value and do everything possible to protect it. They also respect property owned by others and do not destroy it. This is why we see so much neglect of state owned property, because politicians come and go and they don’t own what they are responsible for. Wars in the past were usually about ownership of land and property so we had set piece battles that did not result in property destruction. WWI and WWII changed that because they were essentially wars over ideology and destruction of property no longer mattered to politicians imposing their beliefs on us.

    It comes as no surprise that the coronavirus policies are talked of in terms of a war. Boris does not care about the damage he is doing to the UK.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    A Thorpe – an interesting post.

    Democratically elected politicians nowadays are usually in office for only a few years, a decade at most; just enough time to establish a marketable public persona before moving on to acquire a portfolio of lucrative non-executive directorships and/or a place on the speaking circuit. Leaving their successors to clear up, or not, whatever messes they’ve created. And the poor bloody infantry to suffer the consequences, but nobody gives a toss about them.

    In the 19th century in the UK, politicians such as Gladstone and Disraeli had lifetime political careers. Neither of them needed to earn a living from public service; it wasn’t merely another step on the ladder of financial success. And thus they had to take responsibility for the consequences of whatever policies they’d pursued earlier in their careers.

    And the wars we’re fighting now, and the many to come – wars of ideology, fanatical religion versus materialistic secularism. The amount of slaughter and destruction don’t matter in wars of ideology – the end justifies the means.

    But World Wars one and two weren’t the first ideological wars – the French revolutionary war, started by the fanatical Left, was the first major war in which politicians set out to impose their ideology on others by force. The second was the American civil war.

    But as for David’s point – the Middle East is unique. I don’t know whether it’s the heat or what. But it’s the one area in the world where, quite literally, everybody hates everybody else and wants to kill them and destroy everything to do with them. And there is no possible solution to this except letting them get on with it. Because it’s what they do.

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