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Do’s and Don’ts in the new woke, fascist BLM Britain and USA

(Wednesday/Thursday blog)

Given some recent events, some readers may be getting confused about what is permitted and what is forbidden in the new, exciting, woke, Orwellian, politically-correct, fascist Black Lives Matter Britain and USA. So, snouts-in-the-trough is pleased to provide a new guide to what is acceptable and what will get you cancelled, reviled, sacked and probably imprisoned.

Banners and logos

Carrying a Black Lives Matter (BLM) banner or displaying a BLM logo is politically-correct and strongly encouraged. In fact, if you’re any type of sportsperson, failing to wear clothes which don’t carry a BLM logo will get you fired and your career destroyed. Displaying a White Lives Matter banner or logo means you’re a violent racist and will result in a police investigation for stirring up racial hatred and probably get you sacked from your job.

Statues and monuments

Attacking statues or defacing monuments because you are historically-ignorant and are offended by things which happened hundreds of years ago shows your courage and virtue and is strongly applauded and encouraged by the West-hating, democracy-loathing mainstream media – especially the BBC and C4 News in the UK and CNN and MSNBC in the USA. Trying to prevent raging fascist BLM mobs from destroying statues or defacing monuments proves you’re a pig-ignorant, racist thug

Demonstrations and protests

A huge BLM protest march in which more than 20 police are injured is described by the mainstream media as ‘largely peaceful’. A tiny group of people trying to protect statues of admired historical figures like Winston Churchill or President Andrew Jackson is a violent, thuggish mob even though no police are injured

Social distancing

To beat the Chinese Covid-19 plague deliberately sent to the West by China’s president for life Xi Pingpong, you have to stay locked up in your home for a couple of months and then keep at least two metres away from other people. The only exception is if you want to join a BLM protest and riot. Then social distancing no longer applies and the more people who turn up and the more property that is destroyed by baying, hate-filled mobs, the better

Small businesses

If you have a small business, you’re not allowed to fully open it yet even though you may be going bankrupt and may have to fire all your staff. But you are allowed to go out and smash, loot and destroy other people’s businesses and ruin their livelihoods

Parks and recreation spaces

To reduce the spread of the Xi Pingpong plague you are only allowed to visit parks and recreation spaces in small groups of fewer than 10 people and you must try to social-distance your group. Of course, should there be a statue of a historical figure in the park or recreation space, you’re strongly encouraged to ignore social distancing in order to spray-paint slogans like “racist scum” and “fascist murderer” on the statues’ plinths while trying to tear the statues down

Only some black lives matter

While slavery existed 200 to 300 years ago many blacks were badly treated and hundreds of thousands died. You should be very angry indeed about this. Nowadays around five million black Africans die every year due to poverty, misery, disease and starvation inflicted on them because their own greedy, venal, kleptocrat, incompetent black rulers loot their countries stealing everything they can. This should not make you angry. In fact, you should always pretend this isn’t happening and accuse anyone mentioning this of being a ‘racist’.

Black slavery bad – white slavery ok

As stated above, you should always be very angry indeed about enslavement of blacks which happened several hundred years ago. However, you should never mention the enslavement, exploitation and mass murder of millions of white slaves (many of them Jewish) which happened in Nazi Germany just around 80 years ago. In fact, if you’re a leading racing driver like Lewis Hamilton, you should ensure the media report you bravely speaking out against enslavement of black Africans hundreds of years ago while personally taking hundreds of millions of pounds from a company that enslaved and murdered tens of thousands of white slaves in the recent past. This is no longer considered ‘hypocrisy’

Churches and worship

You cannot attend services in churches as you might spread President Xi Pingpong’s Chinese Covid-19 plague. But it is quite acceptable to attack churches and try to burn them down, especially if you come from our favouritest and most peacefullest religion

Skin colour

If you are white, you are automatically oppressive, racist scum. But if you are a person of colour, you are automatically a victim of oppressive white racist scum. No person of colour can ever be a racist.

Gender and self-identification

You have to accept that there are at least 112 genders and that anyone can self-identify as being any of these 112+ genders at any time they wish. Should you suggest there are just 2 to 3 biological genders with 99.9% of people being either male or female and perhaps 0.1% being androgynous, you deserve to be reviled and cancelled, to have your career destroyed and, should you be an author, have all your books banned and burnt

Submission and subjugation

At all times you must be ashamed of the fact that almost every single scientific, medical or artistic advance the human race has ever benefited from have come from white people. You must constantly apologise for this and must ‘take the knee’ to show your submission to people who have never contributed anything to human advancement and who are hell-bent on destroying everything that mostly white people have created

Personal responsibility

You have no personal responsibility for any of your actions and no requirement to ever use what used to be called ‘common sense’. At all times you must blame the government for everything and never accept that you have some responsibility for what happens in your own life.


These are just a few brief thoughts on the attitudes and behaviours required in today’s woke, Orwellian, wonderful new world.

Follow these rules and you’ll fit in well with the dystopian hell that the nihilistic, woke, fascist, free-speech-loathing, West-hating, anti-democratic Antifa mobs are trying to impose on us.

9 comments to Do’s and Don’ts in the new woke, fascist BLM Britain and USA

  • twi5ted

    Thank you for this helpful guide.

    You forgot to mention if you do or say anything against the new state religion you are far right. Far right equals terrorist, because of all the incidents they cause, so it’s a simple binary rule and makes life easier for the thought police. The state will then deploy all resources to ruin your life.

    Given the prevailing winds and if born a hideously white male and dreadfully working class maybe we should consider darkening our appearance. Like a reverse Michael Jackson. It would be a compliment but i am torn if the woke stasi are enlightened sufficiently to accept. Blackface bad but if i also wear a BLM badge then they will know it’s a compliment, like Trudeau did. Something for the Ministry of Love to rule on.

  • A Thorpe

    I would change the last sentence under personal responsibility to “You should trust the government on all matters and depend on it entirely for all aspects of your life and you should do nothing to advance human knowledge.”

    The most important point is that schools will teach this all day long since we will have no need to understand anything when we have complete dependence on the state.

  • djm


    1950 : I bet by 2020 we’ll all have flying cars & stuff……..

    2020 : wtf ?

  • William Boreham

    Is here a petition anywhere on the net to grant Jake Hepple a knighthood? I notice the initial reaction to a patriot flying a flag daring to suggest white lives matter as well was: “Today Lancashire Constabulary has been in liaison with Greater Manchester Police, the Aviation Authority and the Crown Prosecution Service regards the ‘White Lives Matter’ banner that was flown over the Etihad Stadium last night. The investigation by police into the protest flight came after a host of sporting personalities lined up to condemn the message. Anti-Brexit diehard, BBC top-earning pundit, and crisp salesman Gary Lineker was particularly explicit in his disapproval, calling it “shithousery”. Burnley football club, who were namechecked in the banner, said they were “ashamed” and “embarrassed”. The team captain even went so far as to blame his squad’s performance in the Monday football match, which they lost 5-0, on the banner, saying “It definitely had a massive impact on us to see that in the sky.” (oh, dear, poor precious snowflakes) The Lancashire police finally, realising the probable reaction where even amongst the subservient English people, the worm may finally turn: came out with: “After assessing all the information available surrounding this incident we have concluded that there are no criminal offences that have been disclosed at this time. We will continue to work with our partners at the football club and within the local authority.” And for a change, an English person didn’t humbly apologise after the event: “Writing on his Facebook page, Hepple said of his view on the plane banner protest: “I’d like to take this time to apologise… to absolutely f***ing nobody!” – grant him a knighthood!

  • loppoman

    Mr. Hepple will never get a knighthood in this country, even if he flew his plane and banner back and forward and raised £millions for charity.
    Well done that guy but for him it’s a one-of.
    I wait with excitement the return of football spectators and their impeccable behaviour as their teams with their BLM shirts “take the knee”.

  • Brian the bad.

    What is it with all you white chaps that you can’t put up with some good natured BLM fun for once in a while ?

    Serves you right for having all them slaves and things like the Romans but without dishing out all the benefits such as roads, bridges, hot baths, fountains of wine and chariot races.

    Serves you right you white honkeys !

  • Itsallovernow

    George Floyd died of a fatal Fentanyl overdose 3x the fatal dose.

  • loppoman


  • Shouldaknownbetter

    After witnessing the joys of MultiCult Japan goes full
    Immigration ready to destroy its own Culture.

    No opinions from @GaryLineker or @piersmorgan on the Brixton riot last night. Police officers running for their lives, yet the two people who seem to have an opinion on everything don’t utter a word about it. Mainstream media silent on it. Usual then! #Brixton

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