December 2023
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Do they want to be offended? Do they want excuses to kill us?

(Monday/Tuesday blog)

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most MERCIFUL..

The latest Religion of Peace and Tolerance (ROPAT) atrocity in France – the beheading of a schoolteacher poses some uncomfortable questions yet again and again and again:

  • How old was the supposedly 18-year-old Chechen ROPAT member who beheaded the teacher. After all, remember this lot? They were amongst a group of supposed teenagers brought from rapemigrant camps in Calais to the UK because they were supposedly under the age of 18:

  • Why were the schoolchildren, who now claim to be shocked and horrified by the murder of their teacher, so keen to point him out to the murderer who came from a completely different town and therefore had no idea what the teacher looked like?
  • Why are our ROPAT friends so keen to come to our countries when they hate us and our way of life?

  • When will our rulers admit that the ROPAT and Western liberal democracy are incompatible, always have been and always will be?

  • Why do our rulers keep encouraging millions more ROPAT fanatics to come to the West when we have so much evidence of how much they hate us?

  • Why don’t we believe our ROPAT friends when they make their intentions to conquer and subdue us extremely clear?

  • If the ROPAT god is “most gracious and merciful”, why is beheading innocents the ROPAT members’ most popular sport?
Do they want to be offended?

But perhaps the most interesting question is this: From what I understand the ex-teacher made clear to his class that he was going to show the cartoons and suggested that anyone who might be offended should leave the class. So, why did one or more ROPAT children decide to remain in the classroom? Could it be because, when the cartoons were shown, they could start screaming about Izlumophobia and racism and how offended they were? Could it be because staying and seeing the cartoons gave these children the opportunity to play the victim card?

“Je suis lâche”

As for the French, we have the usual reactions – politicians bleating about how they will defend freedom while grovelling to the ROPAT and importing tens of thousands more ROPAT fanatics every year, vigils with lit candles, people with banners saying “Je suis Charlie” or “Je suis Samuel”. Meanwhile the apologists are already busy. Some are blaming the teacher for showing the cartoons. Others are accusing the police of murder for shooting the beheader, others are saying we need to be more sensitive to the feelings of those who hate us.

After the mass murders of hundreds in Nice, Bataclan (Paris) and many other French towns, perhaps the banner the French should be carrying should be one that says “je suis lâche”?

Look on the bright side?

But cheer up and look on the bright side – in a hundred years or so the UK and France will be majority ROPAT and such cartoons will be proscribed by Sharia law, thus obviating the need for beheadings and the like. In fact the only cartoons that will be allowed in the most glorious future that awaits our grandchildren and their children will be those showing Jews as money-grabbing murderers and those mocking us Kaffirs for being cowardly, subservient slaves working and paying Jizya to support our ROPAT masters:

You knew I was a snake

Anyway, why are we continually surprised by yet another ROPAT-inspired atrocity? When you take a snake into your home, you can be sure it will bite you:

The words of Al Wilson’s song “THE SNAKE” perfectly describe what we have done by welcoming into our countries millions who hate us, want to conquer us and delight in killing us. The “tender-hearted woman” in the song is us naive idiots in the West. You can guess who the “snake” is.

So, no need to be surprised at this atrocity and the next one and the next one and the next one …..

7 comments to Do they want to be offended? Do they want excuses to kill us?

  • A Thorpe

    I don’t read newspapers or watch news and what I noted about this event was that I got one brief notification on my tablet shortly after it happened and then silence. It was as though a blackout had been imposed.

    You quote French reactions and I assume those are typical of elsewhere. Justice for the victims and their families no longer matters, it is far more important to understand the motives of the criminals.

    We shouldn’t be surprised. Where religion is involved there have been atrocities and persecution throughout history, and did not happen until monotheism was created.

  • William Boreham

    That protest in France would have been more effective had they all waved the depictions of Muhammad that got that teacher’s head chopped off. As it is, the killer have fulfilled his mission, what teacher dare offer slightest censure of Islam in the future when they live in fear of suffering the same fate as Samuel Paty? Bill Warner, a doughty anti-Islam warrior, on the history of the 1400 year war we in the civilised world have had with that evil cult.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Just a thought, but what will be the situation if and when (and it’s a very big ‘if’, Boris) the world is entirely powered by renewable energy, and all those influential ROP Middle Eastern states find that their oil income has dried up?

    Suddenly there’s no money to buy Western politicians; suddenly their vicious internal hatreds become stunningly unimportant to the rest of humanity. Their medieval ruling families must surely have realised this by now, and will therefore be looking to their futures.

    So, will Western nations by then have already been sufficiently invaded and occupied by ignorant, brutal ROP males of military age, and morally cowed by the Left, that those ROP ‘sleepers’ already in position as Ministers and Mayors in Western societies will simply be able to offer our countries up to the present ruling Middle Eastern dynasties?

    It would seem to be one logical explanation for the current barrage of government-sponsored BLM propaganda in the UK, and the wholesale handing over of policing to the Left. And our populations are now becoming usefully accustomed to loss of personal freedom, government by decree, and political censorship of ‘wrongthink’, courtesy of the Chinese ‘flu.

  • A Thorpe

    There is an article giving a lot of background to this incident on Unherd, see

    Jeffrey raises an interesting point about oil. I don’t know much about this, but I have seen articles suggesting the middle east is investing heavily in renewable energy. No country will run an electricity supply system based entirely on renewable energy, as California is discovering. But there is another issue related to the oil running out and that is they will not have the income, and this gives them their high standard of living. They are buying in expertise not developing their own. There is a comparison with Spain when they had gold and silver from the Americas. When it ran out so did their ability to buy goods and expertise from elsewhere and then Spain became one of the poorest countries in Europe.

    It seems that Macron is now threatening to stop electricity trading with the EU. We need to worry more about every policy that Boris and his crazy gang are forcing on us. The UK will be poor before the middle east the way things are going.

  • Brenda Blessed

    The method being used by the globalists to capture and control politicians can be seen all too clearly in the latest revelations about Hunter Biden’s corrupt actions and depraved behaviour, captured and then stored on his own laptops. They have Biden by the balls.

    Biden had been using his son as the receiving end of his corrupt efforts. There is also compromising stuff on Obama that the comedienne, Joan Rivers, exposed just before her unexpected death in hospital for a routine operation. The mainstream and social media are doing their utmost to negate it as a conspiracy theory.

    The criminality that they actually get up to is always a conspiracy theory and the lies they use against their opponents are always the real deal. As was shown all too clearly by the the Trump/Russia collusion and impeachment hoaxes. If any of Trump’s relatives were involved in that kind of corruption and depravity, it would have been all over the media for months.

    The real aims of unnecessary wars in the Middle East must be to weaken or destroy the forces building up against Israel – globalist HQ – and to send waves of migrants into the EU and USA with the long-term aim of building up substantial populations that will help to keep the globalists in power there in perpetuity. They will then keep borders open until Caucasians are a minority in their own countries and democracy is a distant memory.

  • Stillreading

    While I was busy doing other things this morening I heard a fact on R4, apropos women choosing whether or not to have children, which says it all about the future of the developed world. Apparently an astonishing 42% (I am pretty sure I heard correctly) of families in America have chosen to be one-child families. No guesses surely as to which religious, socio-economic and educational classes this 42% belong, although naturally no such statistic was given. It wouldn’t surprise me if the figure is much the same in the UK. So we know, don’t we, the future awaiting our grandchildren and their children.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    Stillreading – Hence Hungary’s leader Viktor Orban, one of the tiny minority of current EU leaders with a brain, has since 2019 offered big tax incentives and subsidies for Hungarian families to have children. A safe enough measure in a country that has largely managed to stem the invasion of ROP military-age male immigrants, to the loudly-expressed fury of the EU’s nomenklatura, and one that has already had a beneficial effect on Hungary’s birthrate.

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