June 2018
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I bet you didn’t know about the 2018 Marrakesh Declaration!

(Thursday blog)

Trying to finish proof-reading my next book, so I don’t have time to research and write a blog. But I can still mention something I bet the BBC and C4 News ‘forgot’ to tell you about. It’s the May 2018 Marrakesh Declaration.

What? Didn’t you know about it? Did the mainstream media ‘forget’ […]

The anniversary we should be remembering?

(Wednesday blog)

Yesterday was 22 May. Yup yesterday we were all told to remember an important anniversary. Which anniversary? Well, the one-year anniversary of the Manchester bombing, of course. And our TV screens were full of stories of victims and survivors and suchlike and church services and sad-looking politicians and royals and whatnot. Though, in […]

Let’s congratulate Grenfell Tower’s greatest survivor?

(Tuesday blog)

As the Grenfell Tower public inquiry swings into action – for the many well-paid, parasitic lawyers who will become multimillionaires by the time the farce is over – I would like to salute the person I believe to be one of Grenfell Tower’s greatest survivors. The person in question is Labour MP for […]

Are nurses really underpaid angels?

(Monday blog – slight change of subject from the usual)

Today I’m going to commit heresy (yet again). Today I’m going to suggest that nurses are actually rather well paid.

We’re all constantly being told by the mainstream media that nurses are horribly underpaid angels sacrificing themselves selflessly for our health.

At least, that’s what […]

Would German-run Europe be delighted if Israel was wiped out and all the Jews slaughtered?

(Weekend blog)

Germany has always been a good friend to the Arabs. Germany made a lot of money by exporting nuclear technology to Iraq and then Iran. Germany also started the extermination of the Jews. Maybe the Germans are rather hoping the Arabs will finish the job?

As Donald Trump dares stand up to the […]

How to not get shot by an Israeli soldier – advice to Palestinians

(Friday blog)

Gradually we’re finding out that at least 53 of the 60 or so supposedly “innocent civilians” shot by Israeli troops the other day were actually armed, trained, murderous Hamas combatants. But I doubt the BBC and C4 News will bother to tell us that. We all know that the BBC and C4 News […]

Murder! Massacre! Or a pack of the usual Palestinian lies?

(Wednesday blog)

We’ve heard it again and again and again and…..from all the mainstream media. Israel has slaughtered 60 innocent Palestinians and injured around 2,400 others. That sounds like a lot of people killed and injured by the cruel bloodthirsty Israelis in just one day.

But how credible are the Palestinians’ claims of 60 dead […]

Electoral Commission biased? Bears defecate in woods? Pope………..?

(Weekend blog)

You probably noticed that the Electoral Commission has fined one Brexit group, Leave.EU, for allegedly mis-stating its spending during the EU Referendum.

Arron Banks from Leave.EU issued a statement: “The Electoral Commission is a ‘Blairite Swamp Creation’ packed full of establishment ‘Remoaners’ that couldn’t quite make it to the House of Lords, but […]

More stories of multi-cultural enrichment

(weekend blog)

As the number of people reading this blog has plummeted by two thirds over just the last 4 days, I thought I’d be lazy and just list a few of the stories of multi-cultural enrichment from this week. Long may we continue to be enriched by those whose culture is clearly superior to […]

The most important pictures you will ever see?

(Weekend blog)

There’s lots of stuff in the mainstream news at the moment – Brexit, Windrush, Korea etc etc. And lots of biased reporting as usual. Perhaps the most disgraceful is the coverage of the North/South Korea meeting. Most media, especially the BBC, are trying to make out that the meeting happened in spite of […]