May 2024

The real reason they hate Israel?

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Here’s a very simple chart. It shows the GDP per capita of Israel compared to a few of its Religion of Wonderfulness neighbours:

Maybe this is the real reason our friends from our favourite religion loathe Israel so much – because the success of tiny Israel shows up the Arab countries for being impoverished by their useless, venal, corrupt incompetent, kleptocrat rulers and the idleness and backwardness of their populations?

But I rather doubt any of our politicians or academics or mainstream media would be interested in investigating why there is such a huge difference between the stunning economic performance of Israel compared to Israel’s Religion of Progress and Enlightenment economic basket-case neighbours. After all, that might surface some difficult questions about why (apart from a few enormously-wealthy, oil- and gas-rich Gulf states) countries adhering to the best religion of them all tend to be impoverished, primitive, corrupt, hopeless, overpopulated hell-holes.

4 comments to The real reason they hate Israel?

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    It seems to me that Arabs as a people don’t mind at all living in poverty in primitive, corrupt hell-holes – after all, they’ve shown little desire since WW2 to collectively do anything about it, and even when they live abroad they have shown themselves to be determined, every time, to re-create identical societies to those of the homelands they left wherever they settle.

    Their religion appears to be enough for them, and as long as they’ve got a sufficient number of targets to hate and to kill in its name, they seem to be perfectly happy. Economic performance appears to be pretty low on their list of priorities, and is likely to remain so.

  • loppoman

    You just need to know that Israel turned a piece of desert into an oasis.
    What have the Arabs done?

  • Concerned

    Deduct all the money extorted from western nations and try again.
    By the way you might want to run a quick story on the uss liberty or the Alvin affair for your readers.

  • A Thorpe

    Perhaps if the west hadn’t conducted wars to bring about regime change in Arab countries and supported Israel with money and weapons it would be entirely different.

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