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Get ready for weeks/months of climate drivel and lies

Thursday/Friday blog

First just a minor comment. I didn’t blog yesterday as a fault with the electricity cable to my house meant I didn’t have any power for over 14 hours. Our stupid, brainwashed, snowflake, woke Generation Z are going to get a big shock when the fossil fuels they hate so much are replaced by unreliable, frighteningly expensive, supposedly climate-friendly renewables and they have to put up with power cuts several times a week.

Interviewing vs brown-nosing

As the 30,000-attendee climate jamboree in Sharm El-Shakedown drags on, I hope readers have noticed the difference in how politicians are interviewed by the media compared to how climate catastrophists are interviewed. With politicians, the interviewer usually has a series of questions which aggressively challenge what the politicians claim. But with climate catastrophists, there is no attempt to challenge their claims. Whatever nonsense the climate catastrophist spouts is taken as divine truth. Instead of being challenged, climate catastrophists are asked questions like ‘how bad will this be?’ and ‘do we have time to save the world?’ and ‘how many years do we have left to change the way we live?‘ etc etc.

These questions encourage the climate catastrophists to paint as dark a picture of our future as they can. What we have is brown-nosing, not interviewing.

Here are some of the most ludicrous claims I have heard so far this Cop27

The Arctic ice cap is the world’s fridge

One climate-catastrophist claimed that ‘the Arctic ice cap is the world’s fridge’ and if it were to melt, global warming would spiral out of control. For a start, the demise of the Arctic ice cap has been predicted for years, but has never happened:

In March 1959 (months before the main summer melt) the Arctic ice was so thin that that a US submarine (the USS Skate) managed to surface at the North Pole:

The Skate surfacing through ice

Moreover, the Arctic ice cap at 19,200 km³ represents only about 0.06% of the world’s ice volume. The main ice accumulations are the Antarctic with about 26 million km³ (85%) of the planet’s ice and Greenland with about 4 million km³ (13%).

There is no clear downward trend in Arctic sea ice cover:

Yet the interviewer made no attempt to challenge the climate catastrophist’s claim that the Arctic would soon be ice-free.

The world’s coral reefs could all be gone by the end of this century

I think it was the BBC’s ‘climate correspondent’ – Justin Rowlatt – who made this claim.

Here’s the official Australian Government chart for coral cover on the Central Great Barrier Reef:

Long-Term Monitoring Program - Annual Summary Report of Coral Reef Condition 2020/21 | AIMS

I guess Justin Rowlatt’s university course in PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) didn’t include an option on learning how to read a simple line chart. Otherwise he might have noticed that coral cover on the Great Barrier Reef is actually increasing.

The Pakistan floods are a result of climate change

This year’s main weather event used by the climate catastrophists to justify their manufactured climate panic is the flooding in Pakistan. From what I understand, it is true that there was exceptionally high rainfall in Pakistan this monsoon season due to La Nina and two tropical storms happening at the same time. But if we want to understand why the flooding was so bad, there’s an important issue the media never mention.

I can’t remember the exact figure, but I believe that when Pakistan was founded in 1947, tree cover in the country was around 43%. Trees are rather important in countries with periods of high rainfall as they help the land absorb much of the water.

Tree cover in Pakistan is now below 4.8%:

Pakistan Forest area, percent - data, chart |

In the unlikely event that there are any pig-ignorant climate catastrophists reading this, 4.8% is a lot lower than 43%.

This drop to 4.8% is particularly interesting as in 2019, the Pakistan government launched the ’10 billion tree’ project – a plan to plant 10 billion trees to help control monsoon flooding. The Pakistan government claimed that since 2019 one billion trees had been planted.

Yet Pakistan’s tree cover actually fell between 2019 to 2020 from 4.9% to 4.8%. A cynic might be tempted to conclude that hardly any trees had actually been planted, that the ‘one billion trees planted’ claim was nonsense and that most of the money for the ’10 billion tree’ project had been stolen by corrupt Pakistani politicians and bureaucrats.

I believe that much of the money for the ’10 billion trees’ project was donated through foreign aid.

This situation could be seen as somewhat similar to what happened in India when hundreds of millions of foreign aid given to pay for the education of poor children was found to have been stolen as many of the children didn’t exist. Similarly several million dollars for a project to buy school books in South Africa disappeared without a single book being bought. Similarly, much of $26bn in Covid-19 relief funds sent to South Africa magically disappeared. Similarly, billions went missing in Afghanistan as the soldiers the money was used to pay didn’t exist either. The Afghani military bosses pocketed most of the cash and are now living in luxury at our expense in places like Dubai and Qatar.

Please remember Pakistan’s tree-planting ‘success’ and these other stories of how our foreign aid is used/abused when you’re lectured that it’s your moral duty to hand over your money in so-called ‘climate reparations’ to the world’s most corrupt countries to help them ‘fight climate change’.

Europe’s 2022 hot summer

The other main event used by the jet-setting catastrophists to justify impoverishing us to supposedly ‘save the planet’ was the exceptionally hot and dry summer this year in Europe. This is, they claim, proof that global warming is happening. But the catastrophists don’t seem so keen to mention that much of the southern hemisphere has had its coldest winter for over 80 years. For example, the start of the Australian 2021/2022 ski season was a disaster as there was too much snow:

Huge Snowfalls For Australia's 2021 Season Start - The Whiteroom

So, I’m confused. Does Europe’s hot summer prove global warming is happening or does Australia’s exceptionally cold winter prove the Earth is cooling?

Oh, I remember now – both are proof that climate change is happening and is a threat to us all.

6 comments to Get ready for weeks/months of climate drivel and lies

  • A Thorpe

    Is it possible that insanity is humanity’s normal state? Nothing else can explain what is going on. History seems to support that, with just brief periods of sanity and progress.

  • Ed P

    COP = C*nts On Parade

    Reward anyone enough (behind the scenes of course) and they’ll pretend to believe anything, however ridiculous.

  • Jeffrey Palmer

    1,717 deaths is the official toll from the 2022 Pakistan flood, I read.

    In 1950, 3000 people died in a flood in Pakistan. In 1965, 10,000 Pakistan citizens were likewise killed in floods.

    I quote from a 2012 US Kent State University study of flooding in Pakistan – ‘’Pakistan is a developing nation that has historically been subjected to high flooding fatality events due to its socioeconomic characteristics, population geography, and landscape attributes.’’ ‘’Since 1950, floods have been historically the second deadliest natural disaster to affect Pakistan, behind only earthquakes. Recent disasters continue to expose Pakistan’s great vulnerability to natural hazards, as the nation remains highly susceptible to large losses of human life that may transpire from a single event.’’

    A bit of research reveals that Pakistan has faced severe floods in 1950, 1956, 1957, 1965, 1973, 1976, 1978, 1988, 1992, 2010, and 2011. But of course apart from all those events, this year’s one is ‘’Unprecedented”, apparently.

    And what nobody mentions, curiously enough, is that the population of what was in 1950 ‘West Pakistan’ has risen from 33.7 million in 1950 to, er, a cool 230.1 million in 2022. Meaning that there are now seven times as many people to be affected by flooding in Pakistan as there were in 1950.

    But these, of course, are facts. And the simple truth is that in 2022 no-one, least of all our ‘Leaders’, displays the slightest interest in facts.

  • Hardcastle

    The dumbing down of education over the past 40 years,I know because I experienced it first hand at the chalk face,has had a catastrophic effect on the ability of many to make basic rational ,non emotive decisions based on factual evidence.The decline of numeracy and particularly its application in real life situations is now very evident on a daily basis.We now have individuals with a relatively low level of numeracy employed in situations where human safety is involved.Politicians and many employed in public services come to mind.

  • Stillreading

    Based on what family members tell me, I can endorse Hardcastle’s comments on the dumbing down of education. What I have heard directly, from those who have been at the chalk face until their very recent retirements, refers to science subjects. The sphere of which I have more knowledge is languages and literature, both of which have been deplorably dumbed down in the State system. History is worse than a bad joke, hence the susceptibility of the woke to misinformation concerning the UK’s participation in slavery. Tell youngsters what to think rather than teach them how to think, and you have a population of empty heads just waiting to be filled with whatever may be the current control agenda of the WEF. Since many youngsters can’t see even a yard ahead as they walk down the street, so obsessed are they with their phones, they certainly can’t see what’s coming down the road in terms of their futures. Rationing of electricity, either by power cuts or more probably by pricing so only the wealthy can indulge freely, no motorized personal transport, digital payments only, carbon credits leading to remote control of what you spend and how and where you spend it, maggot or insect burgers. And, of course, no nation states, no borders, inevitable consequent destruction of the cultures of individual nations and peoples.

  • A Thorpe

    The comments above by Hardcastle and Stillreading are interesting. Douglas Murray has used the term “educated imbecility” which seems to sum it up. Edward Dutton has a number of videos about intelligence and in one he was talking about dysgenics mainly in relation to people with lower IQ breading more, but it also relates to intelligence and consciousness. People seem to be less able to deal with problems that life throws at them, and it is perhaps because in the UK many have now known no hardship, regardless of what they believe.

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