May 2024

There are no poor countries – just corrupt ones

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We’re constantly being hectored about how we must give billions and trillions to help the world’s poor. And we now have a new twist on this story – because developed countries emit the most CO2, we apparently now need to pay so-called ‘climate reparations’ to the world’s poorest countries to help them cope with the effects of the totally imaginary Climate Crisis or Climate Emergency or Climate Apocalypse or whatever it’s called this month.

There are two lists I find interesting. The first is the World Bank’s list of countries according to their GDP per capita:

This list is summed up on this chart:

On this link you can look at the figure per country:

The second list is Transparency International’s ‘Corruption Index’:

This list is summed up on this map:

And here is a link where you can check any country:

If you compare these two lists, you’ll find that the more corrupt a country is, the poorer it is.

There is a vicious cycle of corruption leading to violence, instability and poverty leading to more corruption and so on until a country becomes yet another failed state. And, of course, our rulers tell us that we are to blame and must therefore give more and more and more and more money to the world’s most corrupt hell-holes just for our money to end up in the bulging offshore bank accounts of the world’s most corrupt billionaire kleptocrats.

Here’s a short video I made a few years ago which gives a simple message that none of our political leaders or mainstream media would dare mention for fear of being labelled ‘racist’ – cutting Third-world corruption (not just giving ever more money) is the only way to improve the lives of the world’s poorest:


3 comments to There are no poor countries – just corrupt ones

  • A Thorpe

    There is no reason for poverty if we share our ideas through free, competitive trade, but we see little of that because the large global corporations act to protect ideas to maximise their profit and control trade. The control of trade must be one of the big factors creating poverty, in addition to the corruption. I doubt that the corruption in the west features very highly in this assessment because it is well hidden. Perhaps the mountain of debt should also be added to these criteria. Debt is a big factor that creates the illusion of wealth in the GDP data. If the WEF is right, we will soon own nothing.

    We have two kinds of elites in control of us. Those that take money directly from the state and those that take it from us through taxation. In the end it does not matter which because they are all corrupt. David Starkey was correct a few nights ago when the said that no UK politician is in control of anything and they have no idea what to do anyway. Events are controlled by bankers and the global elites and democracy in the apparently wealthy countries is just a sham.

    I increasingly think that all the evidence points to a majority of us effectively being slaves for millennia. Firstly, it was as serfs controlled by force by kings and their lords and then we became economic slaves as industrialisation took hold. Most people don’t seem to care provided that they have a reasonable life and that makes it easy for the elites to exercise control. But the elites have lost control of the debt that they have used for over a 100 years to enrich themselves through less obvious corruption than the dictators.

  • A Thorpe

    I have just read a piece from the Mises Institute about socialism and the French historian Alain Besançon. It says his view about the soviet union is “Soviet political leaders did not want an economy that produced goods abundantly because abundance separates the citizen from the state. The state would lose its power over its subjects if they became wealthier. Homo sovieticus—the Soviet man—had to be dependent on the state, barely living from one day to the next on
    state-issued ration cards.”

    This fits what is happening in Africa and other poor countries. It is all about power and control and it applies to our welfare state.

  • Marc Ager

    You need a third world map showing how much of the GDP per capita of a country translates into wages per capita. The greater the discrepancy, the more corrupt a country really is. Breaking the corruption is vital because the poorer the population, the more they have children as their only form of insurance. All of the aid to sub-Saharan Africa in particular should be in the form of education and self-help initiatives.

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